Sarah Jane Smith is back!

Sarah Jane Smith is back!

Sarah Jane Smith is back!

If you're missing the mad and marvellous world of Doctor Who then help is at hand! The Sarah Jane Adventures explodes back onto BBC One at 16:35 on Thursday, 15th October. So stand by for the Judoon, K-9, monsters galore and the return of the Doctor!

The Sarah Jane Adventures follows the exploits of the Doctor's feisty former companion as she battles alien enemies shoulder-to-shoulder with her friends. These include her adopted son, Luke, his streetwise pal, Clyde, their schoolmate, Rani and Mr Smith, their well-spoken supercomputer. Add to that Sarah Jane's famous robot dog, K-9, and you've got the dream team to defend our planet across six weeks of dramatic new adventures!

This third series promises to be the best yet and includes a special appearance from the Doctor (David Tennant) who's reunited with Sarah Jane - not just for a cameo appearance but for a full-blown starring role across two episodes!

If you need to get up to speed with The Sarah Jane Adventures, visit the updated site. It's packed with videos, games and exclusive goodies! And if you can't wait for the return of K-9, check out our Main Features section where you can see his story and enjoy clips featuring the heroic hound!

The Sarah Jane Adventures is on BBC One on Thursdays and Fridays at 4.35pm. Check out the link on the right for more details.

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