Two Monster Firsts for Sarah Jane!

Two Monster Firsts for Sarah Jane!

Two Monster Firsts for Sarah Jane!

The first ever Sarah Jane Adventures comic launched today on the SJA website and as you'd expect, it's much more than your average story!

Of course, it features all your favourite characters like Sarah Jane Smith, Clyde, Luke and Rani but watch out for old enemies like the Sontarans! You can go deeper into the story (if you dare!) by listening to the audio read by Anjli Mohindra (who plays Rani Chandra) and the whole thing is interactive meaning you can zip around from one piece of action to the next.

In another exclusive for the Sarah Jane Adventures site, the comic features a brand new creature called the Krulius, a bounty hunter who steals aliens from right across the galaxy!

The comic sets up the story for the Monster Hunt, where you have to help Clyde and Rani track aliens online. It means that you don't only read and hear the story - you participate in it... if you think you're up to it!

The Monster Hunt launches next Thursday so check out the comic now so you're ready to go!

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