New Trailer for The Waters of Mars

New Trailer for The Waters of Mars

New Trailer for The Waters of Mars

The new trailer for The Waters of Mars has debuted at Comic-Con in San Diego and is available now on this site. It features a sequence of moments from the next Doctor Who special and delivers a single overwhelming message. This one's a thriller!

The first trailer for The Waters of Mars and the brief clip we brought you earlier this year indicated that the Doctor's trip to Mars would make for a dark and scary adventure. Executive Producer Russell T Davies, who co-wrote the episode with Phil Ford, joked that even he was terrified by it! However, this new trailer reveals there will be thrills as well as chills when the TARDIS touches down on the Red Planet.

A base under threat. The Doctor under pressure. A countdown, explosions and the water... the water seeping, spreading, terrifying and transforming. The Waters of Mars and a threat to Earth. It promises to be a stunning special!

The trailer also confirms that we'll be hearing more about the prediction made at the end of Planet of the Dead, when the Doctor was warned that 'your song is ending' and 'he will knock four times'. (You can remind yourself of the moment as the clip is available on our The Waters of Mars page). But who is knocking? And why?

One fan who saw the trailer this weekend enthused, 'Wow! I can't wait to see it! Looks amazing. And he will knock four times... Oh! Can't I watch it, like now?' Well, sadly not, but if this trailer is anything to go by, we're in for some jaw-dropping, heart-pounding adventures with the brilliant Tenth Doctor!

The Waters of Mars stars David Tennant as the Doctor and Lindsay Duncan as Adelaide. It was directed by Graeme Harper and airs later this year on BBC One.

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