Day Nineteen!

Day Nineteen!

Jon Pertwee

Something different today... It's a game of skill, judgment, wisdom and luck... it's Partners in Time! You can either play the game or simply print out and use the ten cards as Christmas cards, or thank you cards, or invites. The choice is yours!

How do you play?

Mix your cards so they're well and truly in a random order. Make sure you can't see which Doctor is on each card! Now place seven cards in a row, face down on a table. Turn over the first card on the left hand side. You now have to decide whether the next card in the row shows a higher or lower Doctor.

What do we mean - higher or lower? Easy. If the Doctor on the next card came after the Doctor on the current card, it's higher. So the Ninth Doctor is higher than the first eight Doctors but lower than the Tenth Doctor. Told you it was easy!

When you make your choice, shout 'higher!' or 'lower!' so everybody knows. Then turn over the next card to see if you are correct...

If you guessed correctly move on to the next card in the row - does it show a higher or lower Doctor than the card before it? The aim of the game is to correctly predict higher or lower all the way along - up to and including the seventh card.

If you guess incorrectly your opponent takes over - meaning they get to guess the next card and continue along the line. Whoever turns over the seventh card is the winner. You can play to best of three games or best of five.

House Rules

Who starts? This can be decided on the toss on a coin.

If you get two cards in a row which are the same Doctor, unlucky! Control of the cards automatically goes to the other player.

Control of the cards can go back and forth between players. The most important thing is who predicts the turn of the seventh card. If they're correct they win the game. If they're incorrect the other player wins that game!

Create those cards!

To make your cards simply download each card in turn by clicking on your selection to the right of this feature. Then print them out, preferably from a colour printer, onto A4 pieces of paper. Fold across the middle so you're left with the picture and the logo facing you, then fold again.

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