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Episode 13 : Journey's End


Fear Forecast

Fear Factor: 4 / 5 (Chilling)

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Amy (Age 7)

Harry (Age 9)

Samuel (Age 11)

Adam (Age 15)

How scary is Doctor Who? Our brave Fear Forecasters present a minute-by-minute guide to Journey's End.

  • 0 min

    The family cram onto the sofa. The kids have been gossiping all week about last week's episode. They've heard rumours and watched stories on TV. So during the recap, there's much speculation as to who the new Doctor will be...

  • 1 min

    Energy flows from the Doctor to his hand... and suddenly it's all over. And he's not changed at all! "Yes!" shout Amy and Harry, and they breathe a sigh of relief. "So it's not Robert Carlisle then," says Samuel, but he's pleased that it's still David Tennant. "Hey," wonders Adam, "does that mean he's the Eleventh Doctor as well, now?" No time to pursue this thought, because Sarah's still in trouble, until... "Mickey and Jackie!" says Amy, as two more heroes arrive to save the day.

  • 2 min

    Back in the hub, Torchwood are saved, too - by a time lock. "Sooooo cooooool!" grins Samuel as Gwen examines the suspended bullets. "Wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey," notes Adam. The Doctor explains what happened to him and the kids listen intently to his explanation. "Didn't need to change," says Adam, "so he's still the Tenth!"

  • 3 min

    Rose and Doctor hug at last! "Give her a kiss!" shouts Samuel. Donna invites Jack to hug her, and everyone laughs at the Captain's disconcerted look!

  • 4 min

    The TARDIS is transferred to the crucible. "They've lassoed it!" grins Adam. Everyone cheers as the Dalek eye stalks all swivel to point into the sky. Sarah bravely leads Mickey and Jackie to the Daleks. "Bad move!" advises Harry. Samuel laughs when Mickey kisses his gun goodbye.

  • 5 min

    "Don't leave your mum!" shouts Samuel. But Martha says goodbye anyway... and arrives in Germany. With German-speaking Daleks! 'Exterminieren!' The family laugh and cheer at this. "I bet they have a Führer Dalek," says Adam. "Why?" asks Dad. "Second World War," Adam replies witheringly. "What did they teach you in History at school, Dad?"

  • 6 min

    Donna insists she's just a temp from Chiswick. "What is a temp?" asks Harry. "Whatever it is," Samuel says, "she is the best."

  • 7 min

    The TARDIS arrives in the Crucible. "The Daleks have the best ships!" decides Samuel.

  • 8 min

    Donna hears... "That heartbeat again!" whispers Samuel. Amy watches Donna curiously. The Doctor says everyone's brilliant. "Hey, you're brilliant too, Doctor!" praises Harry. The kids spend a few moments telling each other that they're brilliant, too.

  • 9 min

    Everyone leaves the TARDIS except for Donna. 'Daleks reign supreme!' chant the Daleks. "It's like a Dalek choir," decides Adam.

  • 10 min

    The TARDIS will be destroyed! And Donna is trapped! The kids watch on anxiously, mindful of the premonition of death from Dalek Caan... The TARDIS tumbles down a chute. "Ooh, that's like the Tower of Terror at Disney!" muses Samuel - in his terms, the epitome of thrills and fear. The TARDIS is racked with explosions. "It has a lot of windows," observes Adam.

  • 11 min

    Donna is drawn to the hand... and the jar explodes! The kids are amazed.

  • 12 min

    The hand and glows... and there's a new Doctor! 'You're naked!' observes Donna. 'Oh yes!' he says, and everyone laughs! "Hee hee!" giggles Samuel. "He's the nudey Doctor."

  • 13 min

    Jack is exterminated! "Not again!" despairs Harry. But then reasons, "Hey, he must be the friend that dies! That means everyone will be OK!" Samuel is sad for Rose: "She thinks he's dead." Jack winks at the Doctor. "I think the Doctor should tell her," insists Samuel. "The Daleks would overhear him," admonishes Adam.

  • 14 min

    The new Doctor and Donna share each other's speech patterns! The family love it! "Isn't that wizard?" gets a big laugh. "He's only got one heart," warns Adam. "If a Dalek exterminates him now, he can't regenerate."

  • 16 min

    A series of flashbacks get the kids guessing as to which episodes they're from...

  • 17 min

    Samuel is impressed with Martha's fluency in a foreign language. "Hey, do the Germans call the Daleks the Ultra?" asks Adam. The old German woman talks to Martha's back... and then pulls a gun! The kids gasp.

  • 18 min

    "How did the Daleks get Jack into that container?" demands Adam. The Captain is destined for a fiery end. "Incinerate! Incinerate!" chants Samuel in a Dalek voice. Jack quickly springs free. The kids cheer! "I wonder why his clothes aren't burned?" asks Adam. "One naked person is enough," explains Samuel.

  • 19 min

    Martha goes online and talks to other UNIT agents worldwide. Samuel and Adam perch on their seats, eager to see what she's doing with that key.

  • 20 min

    Davros is the Daleks' pet! Samuel is amused. Amy isn't: "I wouldn't want him as a pet," she grimaces.

  • 21 min

    Caan predicts death once more. "It's OK, Amy - Jack's died already," Harry reassures her.

  • 22 min

    Davros reveals he intends to use the Reality Bomb... the children frown.

  • 23 min

    Prisoners are taken to designated area with Gita off EastEnders! "Ooh, it's the bit they showed on Blue Peter!" indicates Samuel. "Gethin is in one of those Daleks." Sarah Jane uses her sonic lipstick to escape, and everyone cheers. Mickey gets away too, but someone's still stuck... The kids brace themselves for the worst. "Jackie's gonna die!" wails Samuel.

  • 24 min

    The planets start to move. Samuel: "They're glowing!" Adam: "It's like they're on fire!"

  • 25 min

    Mickey calls to Jackie... who says sorry to her fellow captive, and then vanishes! The other prisoners dissolve into nothingness... "Poor Gita," says Dad. "Who's Gita?"asks Samuel.

  • 26 min

    The boys are strangely fascinated by Davros's chair. Samuel: "What's with that headrest?" Adam knows: "It's in case he gets tired." Dad is scandalised: "Tired? He's sitting down!" The kids tell Dad off for not taking it seriously. Davros explains the bomb. Amy is scared by his rant, and clutches Mum tightly. Samuel has watched the trailer on the BBC website so many times that he's able to mouth Davros's "dust to atoms... atoms to nothing" speech along with him.

  • 27 min

    The Daleks return to the safety of the Crucible. And Jack meets Mickey again! The Mickey Mouse/Captain Cheesecake exchange gets a big laugh from the family.

  • 28 min

    Sarah and Jack meet, too! And Sarah's got a Warp Star... Harry's impressed.

  • 29 min

    Martha decides what to do. The kids are excited as they watch the new Doctor and Donna make a plan...

  • 30 min

    Martha explains the function of the Osterhagen Key. "Oh, I thought it was that laser thing they used to blow up the Sycorax," says Samuel.

  • 31 min

    Martha says hello to Rose... Now Jack says hello! And, to Dad's delight, Davros and Sarah say 'hello,' too!

  • 32 min

    Davros berates the Doctor for turning his friends into soldiers. The family fall silent as they take it all in, and see how crestfallen the Doctor is.

  • 33 min

    Flashbacks of those who have died provoke excited chat, and another game of 'guess the episode'.

  • 34 min

    Martha is transmatted onboard! "Oh no! They're all prisoners now..." wails Harry. "Except Donna," Amy reminds him.

  • 35 min

    The order's been given for detonation! Davros screams with delight, and Amy shrinks back in revulsion.

  • 36 min

    It's the TARDIS! Huge cheers from the kids. The Doctor emerges... but is shot down by Davros! Then Donna is shot down too! And the secret weapon is destroyed! Harry's aghast - there's no one left to save the day! Davros adds, almost as an afterthought: "And... oh, the End of the Universe is come." Dad laughs at this callous aside. The kids look at him, scandalised.

  • 37 min

    Something's gone wrong with the bomb... and Donna was responsible! The kids are grinning again. "My brain hurts," says Adam.

  • 38 min

    The Daleks lose all their power! Miss Noble has become the DoctorDonna! "Ooooooood!" croons Samuel. 'The Universe has been waiting for me,' says Donna. When she reveals her 100 wpm typing skills, Mum and Dad guffaw with delight.

  • 39 min

    Dizzy Daleks! The kids laugh and cheer. All the companions are helping to push the Daleks around! 'Ha!' Donna shouts. 'Ha!' shouts the Doctor. "Ha!" shout back the watching kids.

  • 40 min

    The planets go home... The kids cheer!

  • 41 min

    Three Doctors! And Caan has betrayed Daleks. "Davros is blaming Dalek Caan," laughs Samuel, adding in a rare moment of insight: "It's like you and me arguing, Adam."

  • 42 min

    Jack shoots the Dalek Supreme. The kids cheer!

  • 43 min

    The Daleks are being destroyed! Harry looks on in open-mouthed awe. The Torchwood Dalek blows up too. Adam ponders this: "That one would be the only one destroyed if the reality bomb had gone off, because it couldn't return." Dad is looking puzzled. "Timey-wimey," explains Adam patiently.

  • 44 min

    'YOU DID THIS!!!' rants Davros, and Amy shrinks back once more. 'You are the destroyer of worlds,' Davros declares, 'I name you.' "Well, you can talk!" retorts Samuel. "Yes," agrees Adam, chastising the evil villain, "you were going to use the reality bomb." Meanwhile, Caan has a further message: 'One will still die...' "Uh oh," says Harry.

  • 45 min

    The Doctor calls Torchwood, and the kids are pleased that the Doctor recognises Gwen from somewhere. Then they see Luke and Mr Smith and... "K-9!" cries everybody in delight!

  • 46 min

    Jackie not allowed to drive, and the kids laugh. The TARDIS family is flying the Earth home. The watching family grins delightedly.

  • 47 min

    Martha smiles at camera. And Amy smiles back. Samuel thinks attention to detail is important - "Save the goldfish!" he shouts to Martha's mum.

  • 48 min

    Another big laugh as Donna grabs Jack off Sarah! And everyone is delighted by Wilf's happy dance. "Daylight again! Yeah!" whoops Samuel.

  • 49 min

    Sarah says goodbye to the Doctor. "Have you made sure he's taken you to the right place this time?" asks Adam. And then Jack and Martha head off, too.

  • 50 min

    Mickey says goodbye... and goes off with Jack. "Is Mickey joining Torchwood then?" asks Harry. Samuel grins at the prospect: "Oh, yeah!"

  • 51 min

    Bad Wolf Bay. Samuel remembers this from last time: "I'll get you the tissues, Mum." "Shurrup," mutters Mum. The discussion of Jackie's baby's name gets a big laugh. "You plum!" repeats Samuel happily. But when the Doctor tells Rose she's got to stay, Amy looks wide-eyed and sad.

  • 53 min

    'What was the last thing you said to me?' asks Rose. 'Does it need saying?' asks the Doctor. "Yes!!" the boys yell at him. The new Doctor whispers to Rose. "Why do we never get to hear?" asks Amy, frustrated. "He's saying 'you're well buff'," suggests Samuel. Mum coughs significantly. "Or maybe," continues Samuel hurriedly, "it's 'give us a kiss'." So when they do kiss, the kids cheer.

  • 54 min

    The Doctor and Donna leave, without even a last goodbye...

  • 55 min

    The kids love it as the DoctorDonna excitedly decides where to go next. But then: 'Binary binary binary...' Something's wrong. The smiles fade from the kids faces. "Brain error," notes Adam sadly. "Now her brain's hurting."

  • 56 min

    There's another flashback. But the kids are silent as the clips play.

  • 57 min

    Donna's back home. And the Doctor sadly explains that the Donna that he knew was dead.

  • 58 min

    The kids listen intently as the Doctor explains to Wilf and Sylvia. The Doctor even gets to tell Sylvia off. "Oooh!" says Samuel. Sylvia's eyes narrow ever so slightly. "Uh-oh," says Dad, "I recognise that look." Mum slaps his arm.

  • 59 min

    Donna's awake - and her old self. The family don't know whether to laugh or cry. The Doctor says goodbye, but she doesn't recognise him.

  • 60 min

    Wilf says goodbye to the Doctor, explaining that he'll watch the night sky on Donnas behalf. Mum has something in her eye, and Amy and Harry give her a reassuring cuddle. "We won't see Wilf again," whispers Adam as the Noble's front door closes.

  • 61 min

    The Doctor goes into the TARDIS, and it dematerialises. He's all alone once more. "He should change that wet shirt," says Adam, who has had similar advice in the past. His Mum is strangely silent on the matter, her thoughts clearly elsewhere.

  • 62 min

    Coming this Christmas... "Cybermen!" yells Harry. "Whoah! Victorian ones!" whoops Samuel. "And who's he?" Adam wants to know. The kids are all excited again at the prospect of new adventures. But Mum and Dad sit and hold hands quietly, because they're still thinking about Donna and Wilf and the lonely Doctor.

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