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Episode 10 : Midnight


Fear Forecast

Fear Factor: 5 / 5 (Terrifying)

Fear Factor Score: 5 out of 5 Fear Factor Score: 5 out of 5 Fear Factor Score: 5 out of 5 Fear Factor Score: 5 out of 5

Amy (Age 7)

Harry (Age 9)

Samuel (Age 11)

Adam (Age 15)

How scary is Doctor Who? Our brave Fear Forecasters present a minute-by-minute teaser guide to Midnight.

  • 0 min

    The planet Midnight. It looks stunning! The kids marvel at the futuristic Leisure Palace.

  • 1 min

    'What could possibly go wrong?' asks the Doctor. Harry slaps his forehead - "Something always goes wrong, doesn't he realise that by now?!" Samuel grins: "Wait and see, Doctor!"

  • 2 min

    "It's like when we went on the plane!" notes Amy, as the stewardess hands out complimentary items. Harry's trying to work out where danger might lie... "I bet those peanuts are gonna explode." "Might not," frowns Amy, optimistically. She quickly decides she likes Professor Hobbes and Dee Dee, but is unsure about the rest of the Doctor's company...

  • 3 min

    Harry's undeterred: "And slippers! I bet that... er... the Doctor's gonna have to wear the slippers!" Amy gives him a funny look. Jethro is grumpy: "He's like you, Adam!" laughs Samuel. Adam looks grumpily at his brother.

  • 4 min

    'Do it, do it again! Do it, do it again with love!' Harry looks on amused: "Is that a real song, Dad?" And then: "Those are really, really old cartoons," declares Amy. "There's too much going on," says Harry.

  • 5 min

    The Doctor sonics off the noise, to everyone's relief. And 98 kliks later, the passengers are having a great time talking. Amy's not amused by the 'virtual pool' story. Meanwhile Harry has other concerns: "What's a 'klik'?" he asks.

  • 6 min

    150 kliks later and the Doctor's talking to Dee Dee about the Lost Moon of Poosh. "Maybe this isn't a dangerous adventure after all," suggests Amy, hopefully.

  • 7 min

    Sky and the Doctor talk of the girls they left behind. "That was Rose," Harry reminds his sister. "I know!" she replies, rolling her eyes. And a tough decision - is it chicken or beef? "Chicken, I think," decides Harry. "It's both!" laughs Samuel.

  • 8 min

    Hobbes explains about the mysterious planet of Midnight. Adam laughs and points at the slideshow: "That's what they're teaching us at school, Dad!" he grins. And then... the vehicle has stopped! The kids seem unconcerned.

  • 9 min

    The Doctor goes to have a word with driver Joe and Claude. Harry questions of the driver's competence: "He doesn't know where his controls are!"

  • 10 min

    The kids look in wonder at the view outside the ship. Adam whistles in amazement.

  • 11 min

    Claude has spotted something! The kids look hard, peering closer at the screen, but they can't see anything... Amy chews her finger nervously. Groans from the kids as the view disappears.

  • 12 min

    Dee Dee and the Doctor reassure the passengers that they're not running out of air. "Everyone's too smart on this plane," decides Samuel. But the atmosphere is getting tense, and the kids can sense that something BAD is going to happen soon...

  • 13 min

    BANG! BANG! 'Knock knock...' 'Who's there...?' The kids are frozen in anticipation. "Oh no..." says Adam. "I bet he's glad he's left Donna behind."

  • 14 min

    The Doctor uses his stethoscope. "Can it get in?" whispers Amy, clutching a cushion.

  • 15 min

    'It' answered the Doctor's knocks! And now it's coming for Sky! Harry's taking no chances, and manoeuvres himself behind the sofa! "It's like Snakes on a Plane," says Samuel. Dad eyes him suspiciously. "I saw the advert," explains Samuel. "Monsters on a plane!" mutters Adam.

  • 16 min

    BOOOOM! There's an explosion... and for a few seconds, the TV screen changes! "Rose!" yells Samuel. "Like before!" shouts Adam. But Harry and Amy are too concerned about what else is happening to say anything...

  • 17 min

    The seats have been ripped up and Sky has her head in her hands. The cabin door is opened... but it's gone!!! "Driver Joe!" wails Samuel.

  • 18 min

    The Doctor turns to examine Sky. "Why won't she turn around?" calls Harry from behind the sofa, fearing the worst. "This is getting freaky," mutters Samuel. Adam fidgets anxiously: "Maybe she's got no face?"

  • 19 min

    Sky turns round... and she's INSANE! Mum and Dad seem more perturbed than Harry and Amy, who seem relieved that she hasn't become a hideous monster... or has she?! Samuel isn't so sure, and finds someone to snuggle against.

  • 20 min

    Sky starts to copy the Doctor, and then the other passengers. The kids can't work out if it's funny or scary...

  • 21 min

    The square root of pi! "Whoah!" says Harry, impressed. And then... '666'!

  • 22 min

    Now Sky's talking at the same time as Hobbes... "Ooh," says Adam, "she's stopped copying..."

  • 23 min

    The Doctor continues to test Sky out, much to the delight of the kids: 'Roast beef. Bananas. The Medusa Cascade. BANG! Rose Tyler, Martha Jones, Donna Noble, TARDIS! Shamble, bobble, dibble, dooble.'

  • 24 min

    The passengers move back, and Dee Dee recites a poem about Goblin Men. Suddenly, things have got really creepy again, and the kids eye the proceedings warily.

  • 25 min

    'Nothing can live on the surface of Midnight,' insists Hobbes. "You're wrong," whispers Harry.

  • 26 min

    Things are getting very dark. To the family's horror, the hostess suggests throwing Sky out. "Bad idea!" warns Samuel.

  • 27 min

    The Doctor tries to make the passengers see reason... but to no avail! Harry remains resolutely behind the sofa.

  • 28 min

    'Calling me a coward?' say Biff menacingly to the Doctor. Amy wills the Doctor on to somehow deal with the big bully. Adam scowls - he knows people like that at school.

  • 29 min

    Doctor... Who? He's in trouble now. Amy, Harry and Adam are dismayed that the Doctor's losing control of the situation. "And the music is so freaky!" notes Samuel. His voice is muffled because he's biting his nails.

  • 30 min

    'John Smith!' "But that is his real name, isn't it?" asks Amy, confused. She's decided she doesn't like any of the people there except the Doctor.

  • 31 min

    Sky's stopped copying people... except for the Doctor! The kids are disconcerted further by this latest change in events...

  • 32 min

    'You need my voice,' realises the Doctor. "She's becoming the Doctor," says Samuel.

  • 33 min

    "She spoke first! He's copying her!" yells Harry. This, Amy realises, is a BAD thing... Samuel: "Ohhh dear."

  • 34 min

    'Help me, professor,' requests Sky. "Don't do it!" implores Harry - but to no avail.

  • 35 min

    'It was so cold...' recounts Sky... and, to the kids' horror, the helpless Doctor continues to copy her words.

  • 36 min

    'Throw him out!' yells Sky. The Doctor is helpless. Amy and Harry, mouths agape, can't see how he's going to escape!

  • 37 min

    Dee Dee's protests are stifled. The kids watch on, alarmed. "Oh, why couldn't he have stayed with Donna," wails Samuel again.

  • 38 min

    Momentary relief for the kids as the Doctor gets his foot stuck in the seat...

  • 39 min

    'Sky' gives herself away to the hostess when she says 'Molto bene. Allons y!' And in an act of self-sacrifice, the hostess expels herself and the possessed Sky from the Crusader 50. Adam and Samuel gasp.

  • 40 min

    Everyone, passengers and viewers alike, are shaken. 'I said it was her,' mumbles Val unconvincingly. Amy gives the unpleasant woman her hardest stare ever.

  • 41 min

    20 minutes later, the rescue party has arrived. No-one knew the name of the hostess. Harry returns to the sofa. Back at the Leisure Palace, Donna gives the Doctor a big hug. Samuel gives his dad a hug, too.

  • 42 min

    'Don't... don't...' warns the Doctor when Donna copies him. "Scary!" says Harry. Samuel nods solemnly.

  • 43 min

    "What rating do you give that one then, kids?" Dad asks them. "What rating do you give that one then, kids?" repeats Samuel. Dad shivers: "Don't."

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