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Episode 8 : Silence In The Library


Fear Forecast

Fear Factor: 4 / 5 (Chilling)

Fear Factor Score: 4 out of 5 Fear Factor Score: 4 out of 5 Fear Factor Score: 4 out of 5 Fear Factor Score: 4 out of 5

Amy (Age 7)

Harry (Age 9)

Samuel (Age 11)

Adam (Age 15)

How scary is Doctor Who? Our brave Fear Forecasters present a minute-by-minute guide to Silence in the Library.

  • 0 min

    "Tell me what you see," asks Dr Moon. "Nothing," says Adam, "it's completely dark oh, hang on..." Amy and Harry are intrigued as the little girl floats over The Library.

  • 1 min

    There's someone else in The Library! "Uh-oh," says Samuel. Amy and Harry laugh as the intruders are revealed to be the Doctor and Donna!

  • 1 min

    Steven Moffat's name appears in the titles. "Oooh!" says Samuel knowingly. "He's the scary guy!"

  • 2 min

    There are millions of books! Harry's awestruck - "Wow. That is one big Library!" "Yes, but what's that girl doing in the other place?" wonders Amy. Mum and Dad chuckle as Monty Python and Bridget Jones are mentioned. "What about Agatha Christie?" asks Samuel.

  • 3 min

    There's silence in The Library. It appears to be completely deserted. "Definitely not right," observes Harry. "Maybe the train's broken," suggests Adam, "and they're all stuck on the other side of the city."

  • 4 min

    The computer suggests that the Doctor and Donna are not alone... "There are a million million whats?" asks Amy. Harry shrugs.

  • 5 min

    Could the books be alive? The kids watch apprehensively as the Doctor moves to touch one... and laugh when a voice come from the other room. "Who said welcome?" asks Amy. "Oh, that thing," she says, and the Node turns to face its visitors. Mum is laughing at the "hygiene taboo."

  • 6 min

    Amy eyes the Node warily. "Can that thing move?" Harry shrugs and examines it carefully. "Don't think so..." Then the Node relays its warning, "Arg! Slarg! Snick!" and everyone laughs.

  • 7 min

    "Count the shadows," says the Node. And the kids look anxiously at the darker areas of the screen...

  • 8 min

    The lights are going out! "Uh oh!" says Harry. The Sonic Screwdriver doesn't do wood! And then... "Oh, that's how it started!" says a surprised Amy, as the Doctor and Donna burst in through The Library's doors.

  • 9 min

    "Course we're safe, there's a little shop," says Doctor and the kids seem strangely reassured. "He does like a little shop," recalls Adam.

  • 10 min

    "Others are coming," declares the Node. The revelation that its face is real makes Amy grimace.

  • 11 min

    A shadow! But what's casting it? Then the shadow moves. The kids become tense...

  • 12 min

    The doors open with a bang and several space-suited figures enter the room. "Phew!" says Harry. They're OK, they're friendly. I saw them in the trailer."

  • 13 min

    "Hello sweetie!" repeats Samuel. To the amusement of the kids, the Doctor claims to "point and laugh at archaeologists." River Song introduces herself, and Amy seems to take to her at once. The boys are more amused by the two Daves, though.

  • 14 min

    More laughter as the non-conformist Time Lord and his 'Super-temp' tear up their contracts.

  • 15 min

    The Doctor realises that it must be the Vashta Nerada. Harry silently mouths the unfamiliar words to himself.

  • 16 min

    Another very funny scene, as River Song declares "I don't fancy you," to the organiser of the expedition and the Doctor realises that he's the "pretty boy".

  • 17 min

    River Song talks privately to the Doctor and begins to look through her journal. "Hey!" yells Harry. "That book looks like a TARDIS!"

  • 18 min

    "Oh, look at you," says River Song, gazing into the Doctor's face. Amy rolls her eyes. "Oh no, not again!" she sighs. "Donna's jealous!" laughs Adam. Harry's perplexed that River seems to know the Time Lord. "It's his wife!" declares Samuel "Or a new assistant! Or his daughter!" He shows no sign of running out of alternatives, and Adam shushes him.

  • 19 min

    RING RING! It's the phone! No-one was expecting that! She doesn't get to the phone in time. "Dial 1471," Adam suggests.

  • 20 min

    The Doctor's on the girl's TV! The kids are bemused!

  • 21 min

    Books start flying off the shelves "Whoah!" yells Harry.

  • 22 min

    "What's CAL?" asks Amy. But no one can answer. Everyone laughs again as Miss Evangelista explains how stupid she is.

  • 23 min

    The little girl starts pressing the buttons on the remote control...

  • 24 min

    The girl presses the record button, and a door slides quietly open... Meanwhile we learn that 4022 were saved, but there were no survivors. "Huh?! I don't get it!" says Harry.

  • 25 min

    Miss Evangelista is investigating the dark passageway. "She went into the shadows," whispers Amy sadly. "Not good," says Harry and the kids prepare themselves for the worst... "Don't go in! You'll die!" yells Samuel.

  • 26 min

    "Why did she scream," worries Amy as Miss Evangelista cries are heard. The reason becomes horribly apparent as the explorers discover her skeleton! Samuel clutches the nearest hand he can find.

  • 27 min

    Miss Evangelista is ghosting. Everyone finds it very sad.

  • 28 min

    "Where's the nice woman?" asks Miss Evangelista's 'ghost'. "She's there!" points Samuel.

  • 29 min

    "Don't tell the others, they'll only laugh," requests the ghost. Everyone finds the moment poignant yet funny. The boys shiver.

  • 30 min

    The Doctor's going to need a packed lunch...

  • 31 min

    "How does she know him?" demands Amy as River Song gives the Doctor chicken and some salad. "We don't know yet, shh!" says Harry. "I still don't understand what's going on!" wails Samuel. Then Dr Moon addresses the little girl privately. The Library is real! Everyone's shocked!

  • 32 min

    River Song talks to Donna, and the kids try to work the puzzle out. "So, is she the Doctor's next companion then?" asks Harry.

  • 33 min

    "You're Donna Noble!" realises River Song. "Uh oh, this is baaaad news. I think Donna's gonna die," says Harry, sadly. "Maybe she's Donna!" shouts Samuel. Then a chicken leg is stripped to the bone and three of the kids start to look very worried indeed... but Samuel grins: "Coooool!"

  • 34 min

    The Vashta Nerada aren't in every shadow, but they could be in any shadow. The kids study the screen anxiously for clues as to where they might be.

  • 35 min

    Dave has got two shadows. "Uh oh." says Harry. Amy clutches Dad's arm. "You can have four shadows on a football pitch," says Samuel. "Only if there are four lights," says Adam solemnly. "What are they teaching kids in Physics these days?" wonders Dad.

  • 36 min

    The Doctor issues orders and then teleports Donna back to the TARDIS. But something goes wrong! "What happened to her?" demands Amy anxiously.

  • 37 min

    "Hey, who turned out the lights?" Something is very, very wrong, and the kids know it.

  • 38 min

    "Hey, who turned out the lights?" Dave's become a skeleton. But he's still moving! And there are more shadows! The kids are horrified!

  • 39 min

    River Song impresses Harry with her 'Square Gun' as she blasts open an escape route. Samuel's still trying to work out where River Song's sonic screwdriver came from: "He must have made it for her!"

  • 39 min

    Then the Doctor realises that Donna's not in the TARDIS. He demands answers from a node... which turns to reveal Donna's face! "Donna Noble has left The Library. Donna Noble has been saved." It's another complete shock for the family! "Donna's dead," says Harry, sadly. "River Song's the companion now."

  • 40 min

    Then, the kids freeze as they hear: "Hey who turned out the lights?" Dave's back! "Donna Noble has left The Library. Donna Noble has been saved." "Hey who turned out the lights?" "Donna Noble has left The Library. Donna Noble has been saved..." The titles crash in. "Well scary!" declares Samuel.

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