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Episode 6 : The Doctor's Daughter


Fear Forecast

Fear Factor: 3 / 5 (Very Scary)

Fear Factor Score: 3 out of 5 Fear Factor Score: 3 out of 5 Fear Factor Score: 3 out of 5 Fear Factor Score: 3 out of 5

Amy (Age 7)

Harry (Age 9)

Samuel (Age 11)

Adam (Age 15)

How scary is Doctor Who? Our brave Fear Forecasters present a minute-by-minute guide to The Doctor's Daughter.

  • 0 min

    Yells and shouts and lots of running around - and that's just the kids as the episode starts! Great excitement as everyone remembers how the previous episode ended. Samuel: "The hand is bubbling!" Adam: "I wonder why he didn't just throw it out?" Mum: "Have you looked at your own room recently?"

  • 1 min

    Everyone jumps as the soldiers turn up. And then wince as the Doctor is forced to put his hand in a hole in order to have a tissue sample taken. "Oooh, that's gotta hurt," says Harry.

  • 2 min

    "Hello Dad," says the Doctor's daughter. "Hurrah!" shouts the watching family.

  • 3 min

    The Doctor's talking about progenation and haploids and diploids. "No Mum, so he's just the Dad," says Samuel. "That's no fun for the Doctor," says Mum, nudging Dad. No time for the kids to ask further questions, because the Hath have arrived! "Weevils!" yells Samuel delightedly. "What are they?" wonders Amy.

  • 4 min

    The tunnel blows. "I hope they haven't killed Martha," worries Adam. Samuel is chewing his fingernails. Donna gives "GI Jane" a mouthful, and the family all grin.

  • 5 min

    "Phew!" sighs Samuel. "Martha's alive!" Adam: "Is that weevil thing dead, though?" ponders Adam. "No, he's sitting up." The Hath gurgles. "No move," Martha says. "She's talking pidgin English," says Dad. "He looks more like a fish," Samuel points out. Martha fixes the dislocated shoulder, and the boys wince.

  • 6 min

    "What do you think, Dad?" Martha asks the Doctor. Donna's story about her friend Nerys and her turkey baster makes the parents hoot with laughter. The kids wonder why. "What are they reaching kids in PHSE these days?" wonders Dad. "I'm not a monkey," Jenny tells the Doctor. "And we haven't met your uncle," adds Adam.

  • 7 min

    There's a big crowd in the theatre space. "Where are all the children?" asks Samuel. General Cobb is watching. "They've got a granddad, then," says Adam. "And he's from Devon," says Mum, noting his accent. "Shh!" says Amy, her brow furrowed in concentration.

  • 8 min

    "Who exactly are the Hath?" asks the Doctor. And now we see them. "I think they are fish," says Adam. "Eww. Is that mask built into their skin?" "They're very affectionate," smiles Samuel. "Look, they think Martha is a pet." "They're patting her head!" laughs Harry.

  • 9 min

    Cobb is explaining the story of Messaline. "Oh, they'll just keep fighting forever!" groans Adam.

  • 11 min

    Our heroes learn about the Source. "Ketchup!" Says Samuel immediately. "Uh-oh, it's a holy war," says Adam. "This is serious!" whispers Harry. The Doctor unearths a whole series of tunnels hidden on the map. "It's an Easter Egg!" laughs Adam. He shuffles a bit nearer to the screen. "What about those four down there?"

  • 12 min

    "We're not a couple," gets a cheer of recognition from the family. Meanwhile Martha says "I think I just started a war!" "Is she talking to herself now?" ponders Adam. To himself. "Are the Hath good or bad?" asks Amy. "Bad, I think," replies Harry, "But they like Martha."

  • 14 min

    The Doctor gets put on the spot by Jenny. The kids laugh at his awkwardness. Amy, in particular, enjoys the Doctor's discomfort. The Doctor phones Martha, but the call cuts short: "The number you have dialled is unavailable," announces Adam, "please hang up."

  • 16 min

    Donna presses the stethoscope to each of Jenny's hearts. The Doctor seems lost for words. "Does that make her a Time Lord?" gasps Samuel. "A Time Lady!" suggests Harry. "Hey, maybe she can regenerate!" says Adam.

  • 17 min

    The Doctor talks about the Time War. "He is a soldier!" Samuel says sadly, and bites his nails some more.

  • 18 min

    "I wish we could understand that Hath as well as Martha can," says Samuel. Amy's decided she quite likes the 'clever Hath'. Meanwhile, Jenny snogs her way to freedom, to the delight of the kids. They are even more amused by Donna's unsuccessful use of her womanly wiles. The clockwork mouse gets a big laugh - and again when it goes off in the Doctor's hand.

  • 20 min

    Martha and the Hath are on the surface. Samuel's very impressed by the view: "Three moons!" Adam is too: "It's very gothic." Harry's less sure: "Hmm, not the nicest planet!" Martha tells the bubbling Hath off for his bad language, and the family chuckle.

  • 21 min

    General Cobb isn't pleased. Mum is still working out his accent. "He's from Cornwall." Adam can explain: "I bet lots of planets have a Cornwall."

  • 22 min

    Jenny wonders what Time Lords are for. The Doctor says that, in his life, there's a serious amount of running involved. The kids grin. "That's very true!" says Harry.

  • 23 min

    The little mouse blows up in the lasers! Amy pouts and frowns at the Doctor. Donna has worked out that the signs are counting down. "You'll have to go through sixty thousand of them, then," notes Adam.

  • 24 min

    Jenny confronts the guards and there's lots of gunfire... but "no-one's dying," observes Adam. "Don't be so enthusiastic," Dad tells him. Then she hits a pipe and, to the kids' delight, steam comes out and stops the guards.

  • 25 min

    The lasers are back on! Jenny raises her arms, takes a deep breath and shows off her impressive gymnastic abilities. She flick-flacks through the lasers, and earns a big cheer from the whole family. "Way to go!" yells an extremely impressed Harry. "She's certainly very fit," says Dad.

  • 26 min

    Martha falls into the swamp and starts to flounder. Samuel points to the Hath: "Lucky he's a fish." Martha calls out to him: "He's got a name!" realises Samuel.

  • 27 min

    Hath Peck vanishes into the swamp. "Awwwww!" groan the whole family. "Poor Martha!" says Dad as she weeps. "Poor fish!" Samuel reprimands him. Amy's very sad that Martha's lost her friend. Harry's more concerned for Martha herself: "She must be covered in mud!"

  • 28 min

    Donna gets Jenny an invitation on to the TARDIS. "It'll be full," says Adam. "Of women!" grins Samuel.

  • 29 min

    "I've been a father before," the Doctor admits. "Oooooh!" says Samuel. "Yes! Susan!" says Harry excitedly, who's recently seen the 1983 story The Five Doctors on DVD.

  • 30 min

    Martha continues to struggle over the blasted landscape. "I think I'd have given up by now," Samuel suggests. Adam has spotted something: "Ooh! A great big tower!" Amy's worried that Martha's all alone.

  • 31 min

    They're in a spaceship. Adam and Samuel bounce on the sofa with excitement.

  • 32 min

    Donna works out the date, and that the war is only seven days old. The boys boggle with amazement. Amy can't see what the fuss is all about.

  • 33 min

    Martha hugs the Doctor and Donna. "She's dirty!" Samuel warns them. "Covered in gunk!"

  • 34 min

    "That reminds me of the Eden Project," observes Samuel, who remembers a family holiday to... "Cornwall!" laughs Adam. "That explains the General."

  • 35 min

    The Doctor explains everything, and the soldiers drop their guns. "They're going green!" declares Samuel.

  • 36 min

    General Cobb doesn't agree. He fires at the Doctor, but Jenny takes the bullet. "You git!" yells Samuel. Amy and Harry look alarmed!

  • 37 min

    "Time Ladies can regenerate," says Harry hopefully. Amy nods in agreement. "Regenerate," Harry shouts at the screen impatiently, "come on just REGENERATE!!" "Stop saying that Harry, she can't hear you," says Amy.

  • 38 min

    Glum faces in the whole family. "He should have told her about regeneration," moans Adam. Harry slaps his forehead in exasperation.

  • 39 min

    The family are all tense as the Doctor brandishes the pistol. He's angry. Very, very angry. Amy and Harry look fearfully on at the wrath of the Time Lord. "I never would!" declares the Doctor, and everyone relaxes. Eventually Samuel says: "At least hit him over the head with it."

  • 41 min

    "Paradox," says the Doctor. "Ooh, like last year," says Samuel.

  • 42 min

    "Martha's going to travel with them again!" declares Harry, hopefully. "No Harry, she's going home," Amy corrects him, and she sighs. Donna tells Martha that she'll travel with the Doctor forever. "Rose said the same thing," Adam observes sadly. And now, as Amy predicted, the Doctor's saying goodbye to Martha again. Adam knows this might be a problem: "I hope he hasn't put her in the wrong time zone."

  • 43 min

    "Hello boys!" A huge cheer from the whole family as Jenny revives. "And she looks the same!" laughs Adam. "Was that a regeneration?" marvels Harry? Amy is DELIGHTED. Jenny launches the shuttle and zooms off. Another big cheer! "Spin-off show!" demands Adam.

  • 44 min

    As the credits roll, all the kids agree that this is the best story so far this series!

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