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Episode 6 : The Doctor's Daughter


Fact File

Next Generation

Georgia Moffett is the daughter of Fifth Doctor, Peter Davison. He was recently seen alongside the Tenth Doctor in the 2007 Children in Need special, Time Crash. Back in 2004 Georgia was considered for the role of a certain Rose Tyler... Georgia also appeared with her Dad in the Doctor Who audio adventure Red Dawn.

Gene Genius

Stephen Greenhorn's previous Doctor Who adventure, 2007's The Lazarus Experiment, also dealt with genetic manipulation.

Grow Your Own

Terraforming is a method of artificially accelerating planetary processes and evolution to bring life to a lifeless planet or moon. It's been seen before in such movies as Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan and Aliens.

Skin Job

You may recognise Joe Dempsie as Chris in the hit E4 drama Skins.

All The World's A Stage

This is the fifth TV adventure to be partially set in a theatre, following 1977's The Talons of Weng-Chiang, 2005's The Unquiet Dead and 2007's The Shakespeare Code and Daleks In Manhattan/Evolution of the Daleks.

My Family

The Eighth Doctor adopted a daughter called Miranda, created by author Lance Parkin for the range of tie-in novels published by BBC Books.

Forever Blowing Bubbles

You probably didn't catch much of it, but all the Hath dialogue was fully scripted. Bits you may have missed include: "It's better! It's better!"; "This is a human, but not an enemy. She shows our brother kindness. We must show kindness in return," and "You saved me. I won't let you die!" Along with a bit of mild profanity...

I'm A Lady!

In case you're wondering, a female Time Lord is called a Time Lady. Amongst the ones we've encountered so far are Rodan in 1978's The Invasion Of Time and Romana (first seen in 1978's The Ribos Operation).


The TARDIS and the Doctor's hand detected the presence of a Time Lord (or Lady) before Jenny had been created. The TARDIS then arrived at the planet so she could be created... hence detecting her presence in Time and Space. Timey-wimey stuff!

Laser Quest

Jenny's impressive acrobatics in a corridor full of deadly laser beams was inspired by Britney Spears' Toxic video.

G.I. Jane

Donna describes Jenny as G.I. Jane - a reference to the 1997 action film starring Demi Moore as a trainee Navy SEAL. This should not be confused with G.I. Joe, the upcoming film featuring a certain Christopher Eccleston as the villainous Destro.

Compiled with the help of Peter Ware.

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