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Episode 3 : Planet Of The Ood


Fact File

Return Of The Ood

The Doctor first encountered the Ood in 2006's The Impossible Planet/The Satan Pit. In this adventure, they were under the control of the Devil!

Black Comedy

Guest star Tim McInnerny is best known for playing Percy and Captain Darling in the Blackadder comedy series. He also appeared in the 2006 film Severance, which was written by Doctor Who and Torchwood scribe James Moran.

Art Attack

The multicoloured Ood artwork seen in the episode is based upon famous New York artist Andy Warhol's pop art prints of the 1960s. The most famous of these was a series of images of film star Marilyn Monroe.

Buzz Off

There is a real unexplained phenomenon relating to disappearing bees - Colony Collapse Disorder. Theories from viruses to mobile phone radiation have been put forward as the reason for increasingly deserted Honey Bee hives across the world. We wonder if there's something more to it though...

Sphere And Now

Avid fans may recognize similarities between the Ood and the eponymous monsters from 1964's The Sensorites. Apparently the Ood's planet - The Ood-Sphere - is near the Sense-Sphere, home of the Sensorites.

Snow Business

The snow scenes were shot in a boiling hot week in August, using fake snow. This can be made in several ways. Usually the most convincing settled snow is created from tiny pieces of paper, with sprayed foam a good solution for falling snow.

An Ood For All Occasions

According to the Ood Operations Sales and Information Pack, you can buy a variety of the creatures: Household Ood, Pilot Ood, Personal Trainer Ood and Military Ood. There's also a 15 per cent discount if you buy ten Ood!

Chilling Tales

Previous frosty locations visited by the Doctor include Antarctica (The Seeds Of Doom (1976) and The Tenth Planet (1966)), The Roof Of The World in Tibet (Marco Polo (1964)), Necros (Revelation Of The Daleks (1985)), Ribos (The Ribos Operation (1978)) Ice World (Dragonfire (1987)), an icecano full of Daleks on Spiridon (Planet of the Daleks (1973)), the Ice Tombs of Telos (The Tomb of the Cybermen (1967)) and a glacier between Britain and the rest of Europe (The Ice Warriors (1967)).

Space Oodyssey

Furniture and props in the Ood operations offices bear a passing resemblance to those seen in Stanley Kubrick's future worlds of A Clockwork Orange and 2001: A Space Odyssey.


There's a distinct absence of robots in the 42nd century. That's because discounted Ood are much cheaper. Even in the future humans still love a bargain.

Retro Rocket

Halpen's rocket is an upmarket version of the escape ship from The Satan Pit.

Name Check

Ood Sigma stands out as the only Ood to be identified by a logo - the greek letter 'sigma' - on his jacket.

Change for The Better

The transformation of Halpen into an Ood was originally far more graphic, but after viewing the footage it was re-edited to be less horrific for a family audience.

Ood Music

According to composer Murray Gold: "Through the translation circuits, the Ood language is rendered into Latin, which is the closest in style and spirit to Classical Ood (as opposed to modern Ood) so that's how we, and Donna, hear the song. In Latin.

The first part of the Ood song is:

Cum tacent clament. Serva me, servato te

This translates as:

"While we are silent, we are screaming. Save me and I will save you."

And the song of freedom is:

Dum inter homines, sumus colamus humanita (cum tacent clament)

Which translates as:

"When amongst humans, we should be humane."

Special thanks to Keith Temple, Murray Gold, Peter Ware and Jim Sangster.

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