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Episode 13 : Last Of The Time Lords


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Fear Factor: 3 / 5 (Very Scary)

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Amy (Age 6)

Harry (Age 8)

Samuel (Age 10)

Adam (Age 14)

How scary is Doctor Who? Our brave Fear Forecasters present a minute-by-minute teaser guide to Last Of The Time Lords.

  • 0

    The family gather in front of the telly, eagerly anticipating the episode, and eating celebratory cake. The episode reprise has the kids chattering excitedly about what's going to happen next.

  • 1 min

    "One year later?" asks Adam. "Can't be," whispers Harry. "What's happened?" Samuel wonders: "Where's Leo?" "Maybe he's dead," mutters Adam gloomily. "Or in Brighton," suggests Mum, in a tone that suggests that may be worse. "Yeah, with Boxer!" grins Samuel.

  • 2 min

    The worldwide events continue to excite and baffle Samuel: "Japan? What's happened there?" Martha's observation that she's travelling with a doctor gets a cheer from the family. "Is he chatting her up?" wonders Samuel. "Is the Doctor really going to stay like that forever?" asks Amy, concerned.

  • 3 min

    The kids love the Master announcing his music choice to the world, and then dancing to Scissor Sisters! But Samuel's shocked at the Doctor's incarceration: "He's got a dog bowl!" He thinks the wheelchair is funny, though, and goes "wheeeee!" as the Master pushes it around. Amy's, however, is really not happy with the Master.

  • 5 min

    Much excitement from Samuel at mention of a "new Time Lord Empire". And what could have broken the Doctor's hearts? "The Toclafane? What are they?" insists Samuel.

  • 5 min

    The boys are impressed with the secret signals made by the Doctor and Martha's family, and waggle their own three fingers too in contribution to the plot.

  • 5 min

    Adam wonders: "Why did Jack get all muddy? He could have taken a shower." "Not necessarily," says Samuel, who has had a similar conversation with his parents after most schooldays. Except that he doesn't have the excuse of being chained to his bedroom wall.

  • 5 min

    "Well," persists Adam, "the guards could have hosed him down!" "He is very dirty," agrees a disapproving Amy. When Tish feeds Jack, the whole family discuss the various horrible alternatives that would be worse than mashed swede.

  • 6 min

    A magnificent view... spoiled by a big new construction. "It's him!" laughs Samuel. "It's the Master's statue!"

  • 8 min

    Adam sees a clock and works out what's going on: "It's three o'clock!" The plan goes into effect. "Everyone's got a part in this," notes Samuel admiringly. "Except Leo!" corrects Harry.

  • 9 min

    The Master thwarts the plan, and slaps the Doctor across his face. "Ouch!" says Samuel. "There you go, gramps," sneers the Master, and the boys can't help laughing. The mention of old monsters excites the boys. Amy, however, is too busy feeling sorry for the aged Time Lord.

  • 11 min

    Professor Docherty is tinkering with something. Never mind torture and mind control across the whole world) Adam and Samuel are appalled at the thought that television might not work any more. Dad loves a nice pun, and laughs immoderately when the Master says: "Eve of War... lovely woman."

  • 12 min

    Samuel's not impressed by the Master's treatment of the Doctor: "Leave him alone!" he insists. But the Doctor's clothes are now in a heap on the floor: "Where's he gone?"

  • 12 min

    A little figure slowly emerges from the Doctor's shirt collar. Amy finds the scene quite disturbing. Samuel: "A baby?" Adam: "Eeeurgh!" Samuel: "He's so small!" Adam: "Like he's shrunk in the wash!" "That can't be the Doctor, can it?" cries Harry, aghast.

  • 14 min

    A flashback to the Doctor whispering in Martha's ear. "What did he say to her?" demands Samuel. Several times. Meanwhile, Doctor Milligan is firing his gun to attract the Toclafane. "Is that how you'd call a policeman?" ponders Adam.

  • 16 min

    "It's Baby Tennant!" says Samuel as the Doctor appears in a bird cage. A despairing Amy asks "Is the Doctor going to stay like that forever, now?" Something's puzzling Adam: "How did they make his suit? Did the Master shrink that, too?"

  • 16 min

    When Martha's parents have a kiss, Adam and Samuel go "Aaahhhhh!" Harry goes "Euurrrrgh!" the Master's telling the Doctor about the Toclafane: "You love them so very, very much." Samuel bounces up and down, scattering cake crumbs across the sofa: "What's inside them?"

  • 18 min

    Not long until Samuel gets his answer, as Professor Docherty opens a Toclafane. Harry: "Ooooooh!" Adam: "It looks like a Dalek!" Samuel: "What? It's the human race from Utopia?" The boys goggle in amazement.

  • 19 min

    The Toclafane is quite chatty. Mum's not so sure: "That's gory!" "Not gory," Adam corrects her, "that would be blood. It's more like an old person covered in gunk." He ponders this for a moment before adding: "Quite disturbing.".

  • 19 min

    Samuel has an alternative: "It looks like my school photo, when I screwed up my face for a sneeze just as they took it." He demonstrates, and the family dissolve into laughter.

  • 21 min

    The Master's going on about past and present and infinite majesty. "He's a nutter," decides Samuel. But what's all this about Time Lords and humans combined? "Ooh!" says Adam. "That's like the Daleks and humans combined, remember?"

  • 23 min

    A big cheer from the family when Martha mentions UNIT and Torchwood. Adam adds: "I bet Torchwood stole UNIT's files."

  • 25 min

    Professor Docherty has a surprise: "Ah, she's got another TV!" says Dad. Samuel thinks his father's missing the point: "She's eeeevil!" "Oh no!" exclaims Harry, who's taken aback by the Professor's treachery.

  • 26 min

    The kids sit quietly, impressed by Martha's speech about the Doctor to the humans gathered in the Bexley HQ house.

  • 28 min

    Everyone stares in horror as the Master stalks down the street outside. Martha has surrendered, her bag is destroyed and Doctor Milligan sacrifices himself to save her... The kids fidget in agitation, unsure what's going to happen. Amy screws up her eyes, convinced that Martha is about to get zapped.

  • 29 min

    Back on the Valiant. "Oh no!" gasps Samuel. "She's given him Jack's manipulator." "Maybe it doesn't work any more," says Dad, "she's been walking around the world for the past year."

  • 32 min

    Martha explains the plan) faith, hope, and prayer don't seem to impress the Master, but the boys are convinced.

  • 33 min

    Samuel's delighted by this turn in events: "Everyone's chanting Doctor! Even the Master's wife!" Baby Doc expands out of his cage. Adam and Samuel look amazed and impressed. "What's going on?" demands Amy. "Is he regenerating?" wonders Harry.

  • 34 min

    "It's not fair!" pleads the Master. "Yes it is!" Samuel snaps at the villain. "Especially after one year of torture!" Amy's absolutely delighted to see the Doctor restored.

  • 35 min

    "Why are the soldiers suddenly obeying Jack?" asks Adam. "Because they're all tied together by the psychic field," explains Samuel in a tone that suggests this is the most obvious thing in the world.

  • 36 min

    Captain Jack faces certain death in front of the Toclafane guarding the TARDIS, to the amusement of the boys.

  • 36 min

    The Doctor and the Master have tumbled to Earth. Adam and Samuel are pleased when the Doctor says that the villain could never kill himself.

  • 37 min

    The destruction of the Paradox Machine starts to reverse everything. "Cool!" grins Samuel. "I want to see people flying. Nooo! Not just disappearing!" the Master's weapons of mass destruction fade away too. Adam says: "I think I prefer the rockets to the countryside." Mum retorts: "That is such a boy thing!"

  • 40 min

    Francine is talked out of shooting the Master, but his wife takes advantage of the confusion. Samuel: "Why's she done that?" the Master explains to the Doctor: "Always the women!" Which makes Mum laugh a great deal. Dad looks nervously at her. Amy appears quietly satisfied with Lucy's action.

  • 41 min

    "Why won't he regenerate?" asks Adam. "I didn't know you could choose," says Samuel. "And where is the Master's TARDIS all this time?" the Master dies in the Doctor's arms. "Poor Doctor," murmurs Samuel sadly, "first he loses Rose, and now the Master."

  • 43 min

    Saying goodbye to Captain Jack. The Doctor jokes that Jack's second visit anywhere is to say sorry for the first time. "Ha!" laughs Samuel, "that's what you say, Dad."

  • 44 min

    Jack explains he was once a handsome poster boy, before he became a Time Agent. "The Face of Boe!" gasp the family in amazement. Adam ponders this: "He's an entirely different species." "Who knows," says Mum, "if you live for billions of years?"

  • 44 min

    "The rest of Boekind went extinct," remembers Samuel, "I wonder why?" "But... but... THE FACE OF BOE!" yells Harry again. And he laughs.

  • 45 min

    Back in the TARDIS. "Ooh, everything's fixed again," says Dad. "It was never broken, now" Adam reminds him. "Huh?" exclaims Amy.

  • 46 min

    Martha checks on Doctor Milligan. Adam spots where he is: "I wonder if that's Martha's hospital? Maybe she'll find him, after all." "That was very rude, just putting the phone down," chides Harry.

  • 47 min

    Oh no!" shouts Samuel. "Martha's leaving! I thought it said in Radio Times that she wasn't!" Now Martha's going back into the TARDIS. "Ooh!" Samuel is delighted. "She's changed her mind." But she hasn't, she's just explaining.

  • 47 min

    "Is this going anywhere?" the Doctor asks her, and Adam and Samuel are finally able to crack a smile at the situation. Amy and Harry still look a little glum however, disappointed that the Doctor will be alone once more.

  • 49 min

    Martha gives the Doctor her mobile phone. The boys laughingly speculate about the sort of call she might make, and under what circumstances.

  • 49 min

    Ring of fire... someone's collecting the Master's jewellery, and you can bet it's not just to sell on eBay. Samuel: "Who's that?" Adam: "Red fingernails... is it his wife?" "Why did they burn him?" wonders Samuel. Adam has an idea: "He came back from the ashes in that movie, didn't he?"

  • 51 min

    A sudden amazing intrusion in the TARDIS. Harry's taken aback: "It's a ship!" "How can that happen?" asks Amy, similarly amazed. Adam asks: "Why's the background all black?" Mum suggests: "The Titanic crashed in the dark."

  • 51 min

    Samuel laughs in delight: "Haha! The TARDIS is the iceberg!" The end credit roll: "Yeah! Voyage of the Damned! Woohoo!" And further large slices of celebration cake are served.

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