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Utopia was the title of a book by Sir Thomas Moore which was first published in 1516. The book describes the narrator's search for the perfect form of government. Utopia has come to mean an imaginary place, state or society of idealized perfection.

The Dark Knight Returns

Sir Derek Jacobi is the first Knight of the Realm to have acted in Doctor Who. It's not his first connection with the series; in 2003 he guest-starred as The Master in the online adventure - Scream of the Shalka by Paul Cornell. He also starred in an audio adventure by Robert Shearman entitled Deadline.

Big Numbers

100 trillion is a huge number. If you counted at the rate of one year per second without ever stopping, it would take just 1 minute 40 seconds to count to 150 years, the approximate length of time that Jack was waiting for the Doctor; it would take about 33 and a half minutes to count back to the birth of Christ; it would take over 55 hours to count to 200100, the time of Bad Wolf; it would take over 158 years to count to 5 billion and 53, the year of the Gridlock. To count to the year 100 trillion would take - wait for it - over 3,168,808 years.

Master No. Six

The Doctor has now encountered six versions of The Master. The actors who have played him are:

Master No. One - Roger Delgado (1971-73)
Master No. Two - Peter Pratt (1976) and Geoffrey Beevers (1981)
Master No. Three - Anthony Ainley (1981-1989)
Master No. Four - Eric Roberts (1996)
Master No. Five - Sir Derek Jacobi (2007)
Master No. Six - John Simm (2007)

For completists, however, Gordon Tipple played 'The Old Master' in the 1996 TV Movie, appearing very briefly in the pre-titles sequence and without dialogue. It is possible that he also played Master No. Three.

Fact File compiled by Peter Ware.

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