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Episode 7 : 42


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Fear Factor: 5 / 5 (Terrifying)

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Amy (Age 6)

Harry (Age 8)

Samuel (Age 10)

Adam (Age 14)

How scary is Doctor Who? Our brave Fear Forecasters present a minute-by-minute teaser guide to 42.

  • -42 min

    The kids are desperate to watch the episode as soon as possible, and Mum agrees that there's just enough time to watch the episode while the tea cooks.

  • -40 min

    As it starts, Samuel and Harry are pleased to see the Doctor's given Martha "Universal Roaming". They wonder where they can get a mobile like that. Adam disapproves of the Doctor's driving: "Don't steer with your feet!" Amy, taking no chances after last episode, lies on the sofa behind a cushion.

  • -39 min

    Samuel: "Another spaceship! Cool. And it looks a bit like Sanctuary Base."

  • -38 min

    The crew reveal the danger to the ship. "That's why it's called 42!" grins Samuel. He's less impressed that the Doctor's managed to lose something already: "He should have a remote control to move the TARDIS." Harry realises the implications and slaps his forehead.

  • -37 min

    "Where's the scary villain?" frets Samuel. "And if the engines are on the other side of the ship, why don't they just go there?" The crew explain almost immediately. "Oh, fair enough," says Samuel. Harry slaps his forehead again.

  • -35 min

    Samuel thinks he recognises Riley from somewhere: "Isn't he the guy who plays Robin Hood?" But this case of mistaken identity is interrupted by a desperate call from the med centre. "He sounds evil," worries Adam.

  • -34 min

    Korwin is burning up, "That's some fever," observes Samuel. "Allons-y," says the Doctor briskly. "Yeah!" cheers Samuel. Adam: "He keeps saying that now!"

  • -33 min

    "Does this remind you of The Impossible Planet" Samuel asks Adam. But Adam is too engrossed in trying to work out what's those bar charts mean in the medical graphs.

  • -32 min

    Harry points nervously at Korwin's twitching hand. "Oh dear..." "What's going on?" puzzles Samuel. "Is he just moving?" Adam: "He's been sedated. He should be motionless." Dad: "Like you when I tell you it's bedtime."

  • -31 min

    "Talk about dumbing down!" says the Doctor, which earns a laugh from Dad. More maths fascinates Adam, though he's not sure about Happy Primes: "I hope that's not in my SATs." Then - is it The Bee-attles or Elvis? "It's The Beatles!" yells Harry, correcting the silly man on his pronunciation.

  • -30 min

    Mum and Dad laugh at the Doctor's reference to "Here Comes the Sun." Samuel isn't impressed by the Doctor's ignorance of popular culture: "I can't believe he doesn't know that, but he knows about that Prime thing." Amy's surprised when Martha's Mum appears.

  • -29 min

    Adam's exasperated by Martha's mum's ineptitude on the computer: "Use the keyboard!" he shouts at her. Amy makes herself comfier by placing her feet on Harry's lap.

  • -28 min

    Korwin is up and about. "Burn with me!" "He's behind you!" warns Samuel. "Hey! Open your eyes!!" "Why has he got his eyes closed?" wonders Amy.

  • -28 min

    Adam thinks he's spotted a slow Lerner: "I wouldn't be saying 'urgent assistance required', I'd be screaming my head off!". Seconds later, Lerner does just that. The kids shudder.

  • -27 min

    Korwin puts on a blast helmet. "What is he wearing that for?" wonders Harry. Adam: "It's Darth Vader!" Samuel: "More like Cyclops from X-Men.". Lerner's remains are discovered - an outline burned on a bulkhead. "Eeeeee!" squeals Samuel.

  • -25 min

    Adam and Samuel are amused when Erina hits the mute button. But when she jokes "Kill me now" and Korwin appears from nowhere, they both jump. Adam chews a finger nervously. "Her wish has come true" whispers Harry, solemnly.

  • -23 min

    Korwin tells Ashton: "We must share the light", and gives him a smoking embrace. "Ohhhh dear," murmurs Adam. Mum: "Yuk!" Harry: "No wonder he's wearing gloves" says Harry.

  • -22 min

    "Move!" Martha shouts at Riley. "You heard her, move!" yells Samuel in vigorous agreement. Ashton pursues them to the escape pod. "He's knocking to come in," observes Samuel. "Nooo! They shouldn't have gone in there!" cries Harry. He puts Amy's foot in his mouth and anxiously starts nibbling her sock. Amy doesn't notice.

  • -21 min

    "It's picking us off one by one," says McDonnell. "And now there's two of them!" Samuel tells her.

  • -20 min

    Orin kicks the useless equipment in frustration. "That won't help," Adam says, who remembers how that kind of behaviour doesn't help when Dad does DIY, either.

  • -19 min

    Orin freezes Korwin. The boys are very impressed.

  • -18 min

    The pod is jettisoned, and tumbles away from the ship. Amy frowns in disbelief. Samuel watches forlornly as Martha disappears and the Doctor silently mouths a message at her. "Are they heading away from the sun?" asks Adam hopefully, then: "Er... oh no!"

  • -18 min

    Harry: "That's not a very nice place to go". The family realise that they're all clutching their heads in horror.

  • -15 min

    A pensive moment as Riley and Martha discuss relationships. Samuel finds something more fascinating: "Look, one side of their face is red, and the other side's blue!" "Shush!" says Mum sadly. Amy realises why her toes are getting soggy, and retrieves her foot from Harry's mouth.

  • -14 min

    McMillan manages to immobilise Ashton by shoving him into a freezer device. "Hey," puzzles Adam, "so what happened to her arm?"

  • -12 min

    Adam's shocked to see Martha's mum has someone listening in on the call. "Is she secretly evil?" Harry's reminded of something as the stranger touches her ear: "She's under the control of the Cybermen!" he deduces.

  • -11 min

    "Martha's got a kiss!" Samuel is delighted by Riley's chaste peck on Martha's forehead.

  • -10 min

    "Go on my son!" urges the Doctor. "It's like he's at a football match", laughs Samuel. The escape pod's remagnetised, and returns to the ship. "Wow!" whispers Adam. "That is one powerful magnet."

  • -09 min

    The Doctor gazes at the sun in awe as he realises that it's alive. "Oooooh!" goes the whole family in wonderment. But now it's all tense as they see what's happened to the Doctor's eyes. "Eeek!"

  • -08 min

    Shock and disbelief as the Doctor explains that he could kill them all. And then the kids are dismayed when he confesses his fears to Martha. "The Doctor's scared!" says Samuel in a barely audible whisper. Amy retreats behind her cushion. Harry nibbles on of a bit of fluff left behind from Amy's sock.

  • -06 min

    The Doctor begins to explain about regeneration, and Martha's taking her time. "JUST PRESS THE BUTTON!!!" he yells at the screen in frustration.

  • -05 min

    Adam: "The Doctor's going to come out of that thing all frozen." Meanwhile, the crew are pondering who is down there in engineering. "Who do you think?" Samuel asks them incredulously.

  • -03 min

    McMillan confronts her dead husband. "Quick!" Samuel advises her. "Do what you did to the other one!" But McMillan has other plans and lures Korwin into a corner, and ejects them both into space. Samuel is impressed by this: "Wow!"

  • -02 min

    "Burn with me Martha," says the Doctor. The kids boggle at the screen in disbelief. "No, no no no no!" cries Harry, and gets prepared to run out of the room if necessary.

  • 0

    Martha manages to get the fuel ejected. The Doctor's eyes transform in a gruesome fashion. Adam: "Eww!" Samuel: "Woah!" Mum: "That was nasty!" "He's OK now" decides Amy, smiling. "Impact averted". Harry relaxes.

  • 1 min

    A cheer from the family as Martha and the Doctor have a big hug. A big laugh when Martha tells Riley that it was "nice not dying with you". And another cheer as Martha gives Riley a kiss. Orin is in the background, pretending not to see anything. "Do you think that the other bloke noticed that?" asks Adam.

  • 2 min

    Hurrah! Martha's got a TARDIS key of her own. She must be staying now, the kids realise.

  • 3 min

    Back with Martha's mum, and the mystery of Mr Saxon deepens. "Here we go!" announces Samuel.

  • 4 min

    "That was goooood!" whoops Samuel in delight. Adam agrees: "They're getting scarier!" "Scariest one yet!" decides Harry. Amy disagrees: "Lazarus was MUCH scarier". The family sit and chat about the episode until Mum remembers that the family tea is still cooking. "Burn with me," laughs Dad, and gets a smack on the head.

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