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Fact File

Numbers Game

42 minutes is the approximate length of a standard episode of Doctor Who (minus titles and credits). 42 is not a Happy Prime number. 42 is the age that Russell T Davies reached when Series 1 of Doctor Who began in 2005. 42, according to The Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy, is the answer to Life, the Universe and Everything. Douglas Adams, the author, was both a writer and script editor on the classic series of Doctor Who.

Chart Facts

To date, Elvis has had 21 number ones in the UK music charts; The Beatles have had 17. 42 minutes was the length of The Beatles' last live gig, performed on the roof of Apple HQ. 42 was the age at which Elvis Presley died.

French Lesson

"Allons-y!", a phrase much favoured by the Doctor of late, is French for "Let's go!"

Hot Stuff

"Burn with me" were the last words of Plasmavore Florence Finnegan, who featured earlier this series in Smith and Jones.

Echoes Of Evil?

Similar themes to those in 42 were explored in the classic series adventure Planet of Evil (1977).


Pentallian drives were an essential component of the transmat devices in Revenge of the Cybermen.

Cat Casting

The actress Adjoa Andoh, who plays Francine Jones, first appeared in Doctor Who under heavy make-up as the chief Cat Nun, Sister Jatt in New Earth.

Fact File compiled by Peter Ware.

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