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Episode 1 : Smith And Jones


Fear Forecast

Fear Factor: 3 / 5 (Very Scary)

Fear Factor Score: 3 out of 5 Fear Factor Score: 3 out of 5 Fear Factor Score: 3 out of 5 Fear Factor Score: 3 out of 5

Amy (Age 6)

Harry (Age 8)

Samuel (Age 10)

Adam (Age 14)

How scary is Doctor Who? Our brave Fear Forecasters present a minute-by-minute teaser guide to Smith and Jones.

  • 1 min

    "No opening bit!" says Adam. There's been another change. "Is that her name?" asks Harry. He and Samuel practice saying "Agyeman".

  • 1 min

    Lots of introductions to Martha's family. "Yeah!" smiles Adam, "it's Reggie!" Samuel is impressed: "She's had four calls already." Adam ponders whether this counts as product placement. Dad ponders where on earth he's encountered that phrase.

  • 2 min

    "Like so!" says the Doctor. Amy and Harry exchange a bemused look.

  • 3 min

    "She's a Doctor." asserts Amy. "Trying to be a doctor," corrects Harry. Another 'courier' emerges from the lift. "Two of them!" cries Harry. "He's an evil biker," suggests Adam. "From Mars!" Samuel adds.

  • 4 min

    Harry helps with the diagnosis "...and he's also got two hearts!"

  • 5 min

    Amy thinks the Doctor's being lazy. "What's he doing in bed?" It reminds Adam of a previous story: "like when he regenerated." The children are surprised when the Doctor's asked if he has a brother: "Not any more!" they repeat in hushed tones.

  • 6 min

    The rain is going up! "It's like it's being played backwards," says Adam. The kids are filled with apprehension. "Coool!" says Samuel. And then... wonder ! "Wow! They're on the moon!" "That reminds me that we haven't booked our summer holiday," says dad.

  • 7 min

    Amy looks anxiously for the TARDIS. "It must be under the hospital!" she reasons.

  • 8 min

    "Are they losing air?" asks Amy. "They're just scared," Harry reassures her. But he's not so sure. "Shouldn't they be dead?" ponders Adam. "I think we'd have noticed that," Samuel observes.

  • 9 min

    Sound advice from Harry. "Don't open the windows!" Meanwhile, there's a big hole in London, and we can see the Houses of Parliament and the Millennium Wheel nearby. "Famous landmarks!" grins Samuel.

  • 12 min

    The Doctor and Martha bravely go outside. "We might die," says the Doctor. "We might not," counters Martha. "Good," decides the Doctor. Big laugh from the boys.

  • 12 min

    "How many people want to go the moon?" asks Martha. "I do!" shouts Samuel. "So do I!" agrees Adam. "Summer holiday?" dad says to mum. Martha explains about Adeola. The boys nod sagely.

  • 13 min

    "Judoo!" shouts Amy as the real, proper aliens arrive. "No Amy, Judoon!" corrects Harry. Amy is adamant "oo!" "oon!" "OOO!" "OON!" Harry ignores her and assesses the odds. "1... 2... 3... 4... there are thousands of them!"

  • 13 min

    "Aliens," says Adam. "Space aliens," Samuel corrects him. "With cool helmets. They're like space police." Adam likes the spaceships: "They're skyscrapers!" The aliens remind him of Sontarans. "The heads are too big," is Samuel's expert appraisal.

  • 14 min

    "I wanted to retire to Florida," says the consultant. Dad says: "Summer holiday?" The children shush him.

  • 15 min

    A disturbing scene with a drinking straw silences the suddenly worried kids. "A vampire," breathes Samuel "a vampire granny! But why hasn't she got pointy teeth?" Adam has a solution: "They got blunted with age."

  • 16 min

    Amy laughs with delight at the Judoon's silly voice. Samuel imitates them.

  • 17 min

    Harry's considers the scale of the Doctor's challenge: "So, the Doctor has to beat at least three baddies. Those racing driver men, the Judoon and the old lady."

  • 19 min

    Amy's scared again as the Judoon execute a patient... "Eww!" agrees Samuel. But Amy's smiling now after the Doctor's little rhyme: Judoon platoon upon the moon!"

  • 20 min

    "Judoon are thick!" Harry makes a mental note of the baddies' weakness. "I thought the Americans claimed the moon," ponders Adam. "Mind you, this lot would arrest Neil Armstrong if he was there."

  • 21 min

    Harry thinks the running 'courier' is missing a trick. "Why doesn't he use his racing car?" Dad has points out that he hasn't got one.

  • 22 min

    "Why's the Doctor's hair sticking up so much?" dad wonders. Adam and Samuel show him by running their hands through their hair. "It's bed hair," mum says. "Like Adam in the morning, then," suggests Samuel.

  • 23 min

    The kids find the Doctor's efforts to shift the radiation hilarious. He's taken his shoes off. "No socks. Just like me!" grins Samuel.

  • 24 min

    The sonic screwdriver gets frazzled. Samuel looks dismayed.

  • 25 min

    Harry's frustrated as the Judoon make a big mistake. "No, she's an alien!"

  • 26 min

    The Doctor locks a door by hand. "He has to do that because he's lost his sonic screwdriver," muses Samuel sadly. Stoker's dead. Very nasty. "That's a really bad thing to do," Adam warns the Doctor as he examines the corpse, "they'll suspect you!" Amy grimaces at the sight of Stoker's body.

  • 27 min

    But this is even more horrible. "Urrrgh! Not again!" cries Harry, as the Doctor kisses Martha. "He'd never do that to Rose," Samuel objects. "Why did he snog her?" asks Adam. "I would," says dad. "Grrr," says mum.

  • 29 min

    Harry's delighted by the game the Doctor is playing. "He knows she's an alien, really!"

  • 30 min

    Martha's identified as having "non-human elements." Samuel is pleased: "Oh, that's why he snogged her." Adam ponders this some more: "That means he stuck his tongue in!"

  • 31 min

    The kids flinch as she gets it out again (the straw) and stabs the Doctor's neck. "Oh no, that's disgusting," chorus the boys.

  • 32 min

    No-one dares speak. It's all too exciting! Adam and Samuel chew their shirt collars.

  • 33 min

    "Slab?" snorts Adam as the Plasmavore addresses her minion. "Why doesn't she give it a name?"

  • 34 min

    Everyone cheers as the Plasmavore is defeated.

  • 35 min

    Now that's unexpected: the Judoon units withdraw. "That's not like the police," observes Samuel. Adam agrees: "They're just thugs!"

  • 36 min

    Samuel has medical advice for Martha as she gives the Doctor chest compressions: "What's the point if he hasn't got any blood?" Adam is thinking of extraterrestrial biology, however: "If he's really dead, wouldn't he regenerate?" The kids literally grab their seats.

  • 37 min

    "Oh!" exclaims a disappointed Amy as the TARDIS leaves. "I thought she was going with him?" And then... "Who's Mr Saxon?" ask Amy and Adam. "He's the boss, I think," Harry replies.

  • 39 min

    The Doctor returns with a new sonic screwdriver. Harry's jubilant. "He's back! With another one!"

  • 40 min

    There's a "Vote Saxon" poster on the wall. "I wonder if there's a 'Vote Viking' one, too?" says Adam.

  • 41 min

    Amy approves of the new girl. "I like her." Harry, Adam, and Samuel nod enthusiastically in agreement. They're enjoying Martha's discoveries about the TARDIS. The Doctor explains what TARDIS stands for, and the boys cheer. "Bigger on the inside!" they grin.

  • 42 min

    "I'd rather be on my own," says the Doctor. "No you wouldn't!" Adam admonishes him. "Here we go!"

  • 43 min

    Next Time... "Ba da boom ba!"

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