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Episode 8 : The Impossible Planet


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Amy (Age 5)

Harry (Age 7)

Samuel (Age 9)

Adam (Age 13)

How scary is Doctor Who? Our brave Fear Forecasters present a minute-by-minute teaser guide to The Impossible Planet.

  • 1 min

    The Doctor can't read the ancient writing. Harry thinks he knows: "I bet it says 'Torchwood'!"

  • 3 min

    "We must feed," chant the monsters. Amy curls her lip in disgust at them. "They're hungggrry!" says Adam. "That was last week," Samuel chastises him.

  • 4 min

    "We must feed... you!" gets a big laugh from everyone.

  • 5 min

    Things are looking grim. "Oooh!" says Adam, remembering the words on the wall, "what if it is Hell?" Samuel decides that the planet's called 'Hell'. "Welcome to Hell. What the Hell?" He is delighted at the chance to say "Hell" lots of times without getting into trouble, until he catches Mum's eye.

  • 7 min

    The Doctor's wrong: "It's a black and yellow hole," notes Amy.

  • 11 min

    We learn the name of the monsters. Adam and Samuel experiment with this new name, and decide they like it: "Oooood!" Amy likes the Ood now - she thinks they're silly. "Why have they got straws in their mouth?" she adds, smiling.

  • 12 min

    All the sixes - the hairs stand up on the back of Dad's neck. The younger kids miss the reference entirely.

  • 13 min

    The Doctor hugs Zack, providing a good excuse for a family hug.

  • 14 min

    The TARDIS is gone! "Goodbye TARDIS," says Adam sadly. However Amy and Harry don't believe for a second that it's gone forever.

  • 17 min

    Adam and Samuel are unimpressed when Mum and Dad hum along to "Bolero". As night-time falls, Toby's all on his own. Harry tenses up - it's very creepy.

  • 19 min

    When the 'dinnerlady' Ood mentions "The Beast and his Armies", Harry realises with shock that the Ood are bad guys. Worried, he notes how many of the creatures surround our heroes... Then suddenly: "A devil!" Samuel is delighted at this new opportunity to shout "Hell!"

  • 20 min

    "Don't turn around," whispers a very sinister voice. "No!" Samuel yells at the screen. "Do turn around Toby!" He decides it's time for another family hug. Harry's nails slowly make for his mouth...

  • 21 min

    Everyone gets a big shock as writing appears on Toby's hands. Eek! And now on his face! Samuel: "It's taking over his whole body!" Amy's less concerned, though "Why has he been writing on himself?" she asks, knowing that this is a naughty thing to do.

  • 25 min

    Rose's phone rings, and everyone jumps at the creepy "He is awake" message. Harry's on tenterhooks, but Amy's not bothered about someone being awake.

  • 26 min

    The Ood are "shouting". Adam is chewing his finger nails. "I don't like them anymore" decides Amy.

  • 28 min

    Toby's outside the base... Harry's inside his T-shirt. The window starts to crack - Samuel is fascinated, half-worried and half-eager: "The pressure will rip her to shreds!"

  • 30 min

    "Hey! Toby's back inside!" realises Samuel. Adam nods: "And he's gone back to.. er... him!"

  • 31 min

    Harry shakes his head sadly as The Doctor finds poor Scooti. Adam observes coolly: "They'll never see her enter the black hole because..." and then he commences a complicated explanation about event horizons and the speed of time that eventually gets him shushed by the rest of the family.

  • 36 min

    The Doctor starts his descent. Adam ponders the physics: "It's impossible to go to the centre of the Earth, you'd just burn up." Mum can explain: "This whole planet's impossible." Adam nods sagely: "That's true."

  • 37 min

    The lift stops at the centre of the planet. Adam: "Ooh, it's dark!"

  • 39 min

    The trap door. Harry stares in wonder at its enormous size, but Adam's unconvinced: "That's not 30 feet wide!"

  • 42 min

    It's hand-holding time all round as the Ood advance. One of them uses its translator to kill an unfortunate guard. Samuel: "That's scary!" "Yeah," agreed Adam, "it's really goOod!"

  • 44 min

    As something emerges from the pit, Dad decides he can't tell Harry to stop biting his nails as he's now doing the same thing himself...

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