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Episode 8 : The Impossible Planet


Fact File

Ood Have Thought?

In Russell T Davies' commentary for the episode, he revealed that in an early draft of the script the aliens were going to be Raxacoricofallapatorians rather than Ood.


Shaun Parkes previously starred alongside David Tennant in the Russell T Davies version of Casanova for the BBC.

Ooh, Rocks!

This is the first episode of Doctor Who since it returned to be filmed in a quarry. Quarries and sand pits were often used to fill in for alien planets in the classic series.

Mars Attacks

The voice of the Beast was provided by Gabriel Woolf, who also played god-like villain Sutekh the Destroyer in Pyramids of Mars (1975).

Watery Fate

The weightless death scenes were achieved by filming the actors underwater in a special stage/tank at Pinewood Studios.

Lack Of Communication

The Doctor rarely has a problem with alien languages. The last major lack of communication was when the Fourth Doctor encountered the lizard-like Foamasi in the Leisure Hive (1980).

Hole In One!

Previous adventures featuring black holes include The Three Doctors (1972), The Horns of Nimon (1980) and The Trial of a Time Lord (1986).

That's Odd

According to Russell T Davies, the name 'Ood' was a play on the word 'odd'. Russell named the creatures, rather than writer Matt Jones.

Totally Reused

The corridor sets from the Sanctuary base were later reused as part of the Totally Doctor Who studio, and were influenced by designs for the Nostromo spaceship seen in classic Sci-Fi horror film Alien.

Who's In The House?

The Doctor is worried about getting a mortgage, although he has owned houses on Earth in the Third Doctor comic strips of the 1970s and the Seventh Doctor range of novels.

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