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Episode 7 : The Idiot's Lantern


Fact File


The Magpie logo has since been used in three other stories: on the P.A. speakers at the wedding reception in The Runaway Bride (but sadly not seen on camera), Martha's television set in The Sound Of Drums and the microphone stand used by the ship's band on the 'Titanic' in Voyage Of The Damned.

Coronation Street

Florizel Street, as featured in the episode, was originally the working title for long running ITV soap opera Coronation Street.

League Of His Own

This is the second adventure to be scripted by The League Of Gentlemen's Mark Gatiss. Mark is only one of three people who have both written for and acted in Doctor Who. The other two are Victor Pemberton and Glyn Jones.

Flagging It Up

Rose's claim that the British flag is called the Union Flag rather than the Union Jack, is actually an urban myth. The flag can correctly be referred to by either name.

Return From the Deep

Margaret John, who plays Grandma Connolly in this episode, previously played Megan Jones in the 1968 adventure Fury From The Deep.

The Man Who Fell To Earth

The original script referenced the Doctor's fear of transmitter towers, because he "fell off one once", This was a reference to the Fourth Doctor's falling to his 'death' from the Pharos Project transmitter at the end of Logopolis.


"Goodnight children, everywhere," spoken by the Wire as she feeds on Rose, was the catchphrase of Derek McCulloch presenter of the kids' show Children's Hour.

By Royal Appointment

The Queen previously cameoed in 1988's Silver Nemesis, and subsequently appeared in Voyage Of The Damned. On both occasions she was played by an actress, although she was actually offered the chance to play herself in the former story.

On Yer Bike!

This is the first time we've seen the Doctor on a scooter, although he rode motorcycles in The Daemons (1972), Delta And The Bannermen (1987) and Survival (1989).

Never Too Late

The Doctor makes reference to legendary singer Kylie Minogue in the episode. Kylie subsequently played companion Astrid Peth in Voyage Of The Damned. Funny how the Doctor didn't mention the resemblance...

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