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Episode 12 : Bad Wolf


Fact File

Famous Voices

The episode features vocal contributions from celebrities such as Davina McCall, Anne Robinson, Susannah Constantine and Trinny Woodall. It's since become something of a tradition for the penultimate episode of each series to feature a selection of famous cameos.

The Weakest Link

In a good example of life imitating art, a special Doctor Who edition of The Weakest Link was subsequently filmed. The show's contestants included David Tennant, John Barrowman, Noel Clarke and winner Camille Coduri.


This story introduces the Deadlock Seal, a plot device and form of advanced security used in many stories to prevent the Doctor from using the sonic screwdriver to unlock a door or device.

Welcome To Torchwood

The answer to a question in The Weakest Link show ("The Great Cobalt Pyramid was built on the ruins of the famous Old Earth Institute?") was "Torchwood" - the first reference to the now famous establishment.

Bottoms Up!

During the recording of the What Not To Wear segment, shots of Jack's naked bottom were filmed. These were not included in the final version of the episode at the reqiuest of the BBC's Editorial Policy department.


The Dalek saucer design is an homage to the look of the ships previously seen in the 1960's Dalek comic strips and a CGI recreation of those for the DVD release of the First Doctor Story The Dalek Invasion Of Earth (1964).

Cast Notes

Jo Joyner, who played Lynda (with a Y) Moss, went on to great success as Tanya Branning in BBC soap EastEnders.

Paterson Joseph, who played gameshow contestant Rodrick, is set to star in the BBC's upcoming remake of Dalek creator Terry Nation's Survivors, and has even been touted by some as a possible future Doctor.

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