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Episode 6 : Dalek


Fact File


This episode very nearly didn't feature the Daleks, due to complex negotiations over the rights to use the iconic monsters. At one point an alternative creature was created by Russell T Davies for writer Rob Sherarman to use. This ultimately became the Toclafane featured in The Sound Of Drums and Last Of The Time Lords.

New Companion

Dalek marks the first appearance of former Coronation Street star Bruno Langley as 'companion' Adam Mitchell. He (intentionally) didn't last very long!


The concept of a tortured Dalek was heavily based on writer Robert Shearman's popular Doctor Who audio play Jubilee. The working title of the story was initially Creature Of Lies, and at one point jokingly referred to Absence Of The Daleks!

Voice Of The Daleks

Nicholas Briggs became the new voice of the Daleks in this story, after several years of providing Dalek voices for Doctor Who audio plays. Nick also provides the voices for other monsters, such as the Cybermen and the Judoon.

Utah In Cardiff

Many of the scenes in Van Statten's underground base in Utah were filmed in Cardiff's Millennium Stadium, although some scenes were recorded at the National Musem, Cardiff.

Gateway To stardom

Anna-Louise Plowman, who played Diana Goddard in the story, is no stranger to Science Fiction. She previously guest starred as the Goa'uld Osiris in Stargate SG-1.

The Last Dalek

An online game based on the episode and called The Last Dalek, features on the Doctor Who website. In it, players take control of the lone Dalek and attempt to escape from Van Statten's bunker.

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