World War Three - Episode Guide

Episode 5 : World War Three


Fear Forecast

Fear Factor: 3 / 5 (Very Scary)

Fear Factor Score: 4 out of 5 Fear Factor Score: 3 out of 5 Fear Factor Score: 3 out of 5 Fear Factor Score: 4 out of 5

Amy (Age 5)

Harry (Age 7)

Samuel (Age 9)

Adam (Age 13)

How scary is Doctor Who? Our brave Fear Forecasters present a minute-by-minute teaser guide to World War III.

  • 1 min

    The Slitheen are electrocuted by the Doctor - both Harry and Amy are a little scared!

  • 3 min

    Samuel amused by Mickey taking a photo of monster. "Those aliens are really freaky!"

  • 4 min

    Adam is impressed when the Slitheen gallop through the Downing Street corridors. "Agile, aren't they?"

  • 4 min

    Harry grins at the lift scene. Amy frowns.

  • 5 min

    Harry thinks the monsters must be 'really pongy!' Amy is chewing her hair band.

  • 5 min

    Relief from Samuel and Adam as the Doctor escapes the soldiers.

  • 7 min

    Monster hide and seek - Harry is wide eyed, Amy cuddles up to Mum.

  • 9 min

    Samuel laughs when Rose tells the MP, "Lots of planets have a North."

  • 11 min

    Harry works out that some of the folk entering Downing Street are aliens. "He's a bad guy. She's a bad guy. He's definitely a bad guy! Poooooo!"

  • 12 min

    Adam appalled: "Oh no! They're getting the really high-up people together - to slaughter them!"

  • 14 min

    While the Doctor & chums confer, Amy decides to draw some pictures of the TARDIS crew.

  • 17 min

    Adam and Samuel amused when the Doctor has to be nice to Mickey.

  • 18 min

    Adam writes down the UNIT password - that will obviously come in handy at some stage.

  • 19 min

    A policeman calls. Harry a little scared and excited. Amy distracts herself by continuing to draw.

  • 20 min

    Slitheen policeman at the door of the flat. Samuel snuggles closer to his sofa cushion.

  • 21 min

    Samuel and Adam laugh at MP's use of the word "fart". Twice!

  • 22 min

    An "ewww!" moment for both boys when the Slitheen explodes.

  • 24 min

    Both boys baffled by dad's laughter at: "massive weapons of destruction can be deployed in 45 seconds". Dad declines to explain. "Children won't understand those jokes," chides Samuel.

  • 29 min

    It's all kicking off! Harry chews his collar nervously, while Amy demands to be picked up by Daddy.

  • 31 min

    Samuel and Adam go very quiet as the warhead races towards our heroes. Harry admits to being a bit scared. Amy puts her hands over Daddy's eyes.

  • 32 min

    Samuel, Harry and Amy laugh when the soldier bursts in on the naked Slitheen.

  • 33 min

    Samuel ponders what the Slitheen's final word was. "Did it begin with bu- or with fu- ?" he ponders aloud.

  • 34 min

    The threat averted, both Harry and Amy relax and begin to chat excitedly over the rest of the episode.

  • 36 min

    Adam and Samuel amused by Rose's mum asking about the Doctor: "What does he eat? I was going to do shepherd's pie."

  • 39 min

    Adam laughs when the Doctor tells the kid: "Graffiti that again, and I'll 'ave yer."

  • 42 min

    Adam and Samuel are both sad for Rose's mum when the TARDIS dematerialises.

  • 43 min

    Tremendous excitement from all four when the dalek appears at the end of the trailer for next week's show.

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