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The Runaway Bride


Fact File

Take Two

The opening scene of the episode was completey reshot from the version seen in Doomsday, as the Director of Photography and lighting crew wanted to light the TARDIS interior differently for the special.

Huon Earth?

This is the first time an ancient form of energy known as Huon particles are referenced. These are an element of the heart of the TARDIS. Other substances and energies associated with the TARDIS include mercury (The Daleks, 1963), Artron enery (The Deadly Assasin, 1976) and Zeiton 7 (Vengeance On Varos, 1985).

Home Planet

This is the first time that the Doctor's home planet, Gallifrey, has been referred to by name on TV since the return of the series. The first time the name was ever revealed was in the Third Doctor adventure The Time Warrior (1973).

Vote Saxon

The tank commander who shoots down Empress's ship recieves orders from a certain Mr Saxon - the first time the character is spoken about onscreen. Eagle-eyed viewers, however, will have spotted that Saxon was previously referenced in a newspaper headline in Love & Monsters.

We Have Lift-off!

The TARDIS takes off vertically, like a rocket, at the story's conclusion. This hasn't happened since the Second Doctor serial, Fury from the Deep (1968). On that occassion, we only got to see the take-off from inside the TARDIS.

Credit Crunch

For the scene where the Doctor soncis the cashpoint, a large number of fake baknotes were created by the Art Department. For legal reasons, these had to be significantly different to real notes and so the The £10 notes feature the Doctor's face and the phrases "I promise to pay the bearer on demand the sum of ten satsumas". The £20 notes feature the face of Producer Phil Collinson.

Upper Boat

The Runaway Bride was the first Doctor Who story to be filmed at the new Upper Boat studios in Pontypridd. The studio is also the home of Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures. Previous episodes were filmed in Newport.


Sarah Parish previously co-starred with David Tennant in the BBC One dramas Blackpool (2004) and Recovery (2007). Another Blackpool star, David Morrissey, has a lead role in the 2008 Christmas Special, The Next Doctor.


Following the precedent set with Song For Ten in The Christmas Invasion, composer Murray Gold wrote a new original song for this special, Love Don't Roam. The song was performed by Neil Hannon, frontman of the Divine Comedy. The Divine Comedy have also provided music for comedies Father Ted and The IT Crowd.

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