The Sound Of Drums: Fear Factor 4 (Chilling)

How scary is Doctor Who? Our brave Fear Forecasters present a minute-by-minute guide to The Sound Of Drums.

Amy gave a score of 3.
Amy (6)
Harry gave a score of 5.
Harry (8)
Samuel gave a score of 4.
Samuel (10)
Adam gave a score of 3.
Adam (14)

A member of the public wears a 'Vote Saxon' t-shirt.(0) That was unexpected! "How'd he do that then?" puzzles Samuel. The kids are all impressed with the Doctor's clever method of escape. "Oooh! Vortex manipulator," says Samuel. The boys are most amused by the signs on the wall: "Saxon is your man".

Harold Saxon at a press conference.(1) Amy raises her eyebrows. That was quick work! "He has a wife?" she echoes.

Saxon smugly announces 'Britain needs a Doctor!'.(2) Harry's not taken in by Saxon's speech. "He's not a Doctor, he's a Master!" Samuel's equally unimpressed by the Master: "Show off!"

Title Sequence.As the opening credits roll, Samuel decides to read all the titles in his Captain Jack accent.

Tish, Martha's sister, works for the Master.(3) "Tish!" shout the delighted kids in unison. Adam's not impressed by the Master's behaviour: "Urrgh! He's flirting while his wife's watching!" Samuel understands: "He can get away with it because he's the Master."

Harold Saxon's sad face.(4) It's not funny. Then it's funny. Then it's really not funny. "But somehow, it really is funny," observes Adam.

After killing the cabinet, Saxon taps out a drum beat.(5) Saxon gives the thumbs-up to the judgement of his sanity. Amy's doesn't know what to make of it, but Dad and the boys are all laughing. Samuel taps along with the Master. Adam does an impression of one of the gassed victims.

TV: Ann Widdecombe gives Saxon her vote.(7) "Sharon Osborne!" says Dad. "But who are they?" "Durr," says Samuel, "it's McFly. But who is she?" "Durr," says Dad, "it's Anne Widdicombe!" Mum nudges him: "I'd be more impressed if you'd recognised McFly." Harry and Amy look puzzled.

Vivien Rock quizzes Lucy Saxon about her husband.(8) Samuel doesn't like Vivien Rook: "Get lost!" he shouts at her. Her offer of a front page story makes Adam snort sarcastically: "The ultimate persuasion!"

The Master announces himself and his new friends, the Toclafane!(10) "I am the Master," says the evil Time Lord, and Dad feels a chill run down his spine.

The Saxons wait outside as Vivien is killed.(11) What's behind the door is horrible! Amy simply can't understand why Dad and the boys are all laughing again.

Martha unknowingly taps out the Master's drum beat.(12) Martha begins tapping and, eyes still fixed to the screen, Amy, Samuel, and Adam join in with her...

TV: showing a past event, the invasion of the Cybermen!(13) "Cybermen, knew it," mutters Harry as a series of flashbacks appear on TV. "Britain, Britain, Britain..." Samuel starts to hum the Little Britain theme tune, until Toclafane are mentioned. Samuel says the word several times to try it out.

A massive bomb is attached to the back of Martha's television.(14) It's a bomb! "How did the Master know they were there?" demands an anxious Harry. Adam is appalled that it's going to blow up the TV set!

Martha's flat explodes.(15) A huge explosion destroys Martha's home. The boys sit riveted. Our heroes race off in the car.

The Doctor, Martha and Jack escape the authorities.(16) It's all gone a bit Sweeney! "Come on Captain Jack!" encourages Harry, "You've got a gun!" He notes the broken car window. "And a hole! Use them!" "They might kill Jack," says Samuel, "because he's in the back seat. Not that he'll mind."

Leo, Martha's brother, is told to run & hide.(17) Leo's on a day out, blissfully unaware of the danger. Amy looks on nervously, expecting trouble at any second. "Well, that's certainly not Brighton," says Mum, scandalised.

The Doctor explains what happened at the end of the Time War.(18) It's good to talk. Everybody's fascinated by the conversation.

The Master can't believe that Gallifrey is gone.(19) The Master tells his story. Harry's rapt by these latest revelations.

TV: The Doctor, Martha and Jack are fugitives.(21) "Jack's gang?" enquires Amy. 'I'll explain later,' says Dad, who is still laughing at the Master's joke about ticking demographic boxes. The Doctor, Martha, and Jack appear on the shop's TV screen: "Uh-oh," says Samuel

TV: The Teletubbies fascinate the Master.(22) Huge laugh from the kids as the Teletubbies make a very unexpected appearance: "Eh-oh!" laughs Samuel.

Flashback: Gallifrey before the Time War.(24) The Doctor reveals more about the world of Gallifrey. Samuel: "Oh, yessss!" The kids gasp at the view. Dad gets very nostalgic as the Time Lords appear. "They're wearing the old costumes!" says Samuel.

The Doctor gets nostalgic.(25) How is the Master controlling people? Samuel: "He can mesmerise them!" Adam: "Maybe it's something in the food?" He points to what the Doctor and friends are eating. "Do try the chips!" laughs Samuel.

Jack reveals who he works for. Torchwood!(26) Jack admits he's a member of Torchwood. "So that's what he was doing on Earth!" concludes Harry.

The Doctor gets to work.(28) Harry's fascinated as the Doctor makes magical stuff out of everyday things. Adam's looking at the computer screen: "It's better than Windows Vista!" He looks at the jumble of stuff: "Isn't Jack a bit annoyed about him destroying his laptop?"

Martha is having trouble focusing on the Doctor.(29) The Doctor tells Martha that their invisibility is like when someone you fancy doesn't even know you exist. The kids watch Martha's reaction sadly. But they're delighted with Captain Jack's response to Martha: "You too, huh?" Adam has a thought about the perception filters: "I hope that terrorists don't really develop something like this."

The Saxons meet the US President on an airstrip.(30) Amy laughs as Saxon talks about his sofa." Adam notices the mention of UNIT: "They're not American) they're the United Nations!" He studies the President: "They've elected a complete moron." Dad smiles: "Who'd have thought?"

The Master is unable to focus on the Doctor, Martha and Jack.(32) "Are those three invisible?" wonders Amy. "That's so simple," grins Adam delightedly, "no special effects, just a key!" Harry looks disappointed when the Doctor dismisses Jack's plan to break Saxon's neck. "It's like when he was John Smith," notes Samuel, "he doesn't want to kill anyone."

The Valiant, a sky base designed by the Master.(33) "What are 'grits' Dad?" asks Harry. Adam's delighted by the Valiant: "It's just like in Captain Scarlet!" he grins admiringly. He starts to look more worried when the Master explains that he helped to design it)

The TARDIS is found on the Valiant by the Doctor.(35) Everyone's happy to see the TARDIS. But the smiles fade as the kids realise that the Master has done something terrible to the ship's interior. Except Samuel, who is amazed and excited by a paradox machine.

The Master looks smug as he eats a jelly baby.(36) "Hurrah!" cheers Samuel. "What is it about Time Lords and jelly babies?" "They must make them on Gallifrey," suggests Adam. "Though I bet he stole those."

The US President addresses the people of Earth.(37) President Arthur Coleman Winters gets up to speak. "Hah!" laughs Samuel. "Americans first!"

The Master gives himself up; he's the 'Mister Master' the Toclafane want.(38) The Master may be an evil psychopath, but he's very funny to watch. The boys have all fallen for his wicked charm) almost rooting for the villain) but Amy continues to regard the Time Lord warily.

The Master zaps Jack.(39) Dad grins as the Master tells the peoples of the Earth to attend carefully. The kids are all impressed by the Laser Screwdriver. They gasp and laugh as the Master kills Jack and threatens to do it again! And then another blast from the past) Lazarus!

The Doctor is made old by the Master .(40) The Doctor's an old man! The kids are stunned!

The Saxons celebrate to the end of the world. Here come the Drums!(41) "End of the World," announces the Master. Harry whispers "OK. This is bad news. Very, very bad news." Adam stares at the screen, appalled.

A rip in time opens up over the Valiant.(42) "Here come the drums, here come the drums!" The kids are mesmerised by the rapid turn of events. Voodoo Child thuds on the soundtrack, and the kids jig along with it.

The Saxons watch the Toclafane descend.(43) The Master orders the killing to begin - he will decimate the Earth. "Removing a tenth," notes Dad, "absolutely correct." "Shut up," says Mum, dismayed at her husband's pedantry in this moment of crisis.

The Toclafane go to every corner of Earth."Leo!" cries Harry desperately, "there's still Leo remember! Maybe he can save them?" "Or Sally Sparrow?" suggests Samuel, clearly clutching at straws. "Will she be able to do anything?"

The Toclafane attack 1/10th of the population.Adam goggles at the screen: "Six billion?" "They're worse than the Daleks!" shouts Samuel. "I think the Daleks are scarier," says Adam, "these things look like the sensor droids from Star Wars."

Martha back on Earth watches the devastation.(44) But now Martha's gone! Amy gasps as she disappears. Samuel glares at the Master, who no longer seems so appealing: "He's mean!" Adam: "Why's he doing this?" The boys look utterly forlorn as disaster looms for our heroes, with no prospect of escape.

The Doctor as an old man, helpless to do anything.(45) "They can't end it there!" screams Harry. There's a stunned silence. Then Amy begins tapping out the beat once more... and the boys join in ominously.