Written by - Paul Cornell
Director - Charles Palmer


The Doctor - David Tennant
Martha Jones - Freema Agyeman

Joan Redfern - Jessica Hynes
Jenny - Rebekah Staton
Tim Latimer - Thomas Sangster
Baines - Harry Lloyd
Hutchinson - Tom Palmer
Clark - Gerald Horan
Lucy Cartwright - Lauren Wilson
Rocastle - Pip Torrens
Phillips - Matthew White
Doorman - Derek Smith
Mr Chambers - Peter Bourke


Overnight: 7.1 million
Final: 7.74 million
Audience Appreciation: 86


This story is based on Paul Cornell's highly acclaimed novel, Human Nature, originally published in May 1995. It was voted "Best Doctor Who Book Ever" by readers of Doctor Who Magazine.

Human Nature is the first episode on which Susie Liggat is credited as producer. She is one of only two women to have produced the show, not counting Executive Producer Julie Gardner.

John Smith claims his parents were 'Sydney' and 'Verity'. Doctor Who was created by Sydney Newman and the show's first producer was Verity Lambert.

The Battle of Spion Kop, part of the Boer War, took place during January 1900 in Natal, South Africa. There were over 300 British fatalities.

In one scene, Dr Smith is seen eating a pear. In the book of Human Nature, that was on his list of things not to do while in human form.

'Sardines and jam' tastes revolting.


The Doctor was seen to do another impossible thing with a cricket ball in Four to Doomsday. And he's always been a superb shot; golf balls (The Sea Devils), darts (The Android Invasion), arrows (The Face of Evil), satsumas (The Christmas Invasion) - whatever the missiles, they invariably find their target. As his fifth incarnation modestly noted in The Visitation, "I never miss."

A page of John Smith's sketchbook shows drawings of previous Doctors. Clearly visible are the Seventh, Eighth and First incarnations; the hairlines of the Sixth and Fifth Doctors are also just visible.

Humans often make the mistake of thinking that Gallifrey's in Ireland. The first character to do so was the intern in The Hand of Fear. In fact, Gallifrey is (or was) in the Constellation of Kasterberous, binary co-ordinates ten zero eleven zero zero by zero two from galactic zero centre.

The Master disguised himself as a sinister scarecrow in The Mark of the Rani. And in a TV Comic strip in 1969, scarecrows were animated by the Time Lords to capture the Second Doctor and force him to regenerate.

Fact File compiled by Peter Ware.

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