Written by - Stephen Greenhorn
Director - Richard Clarke


The Doctor - David Tennant
Martha Jones - Freema Agyeman

Tish Jones - Gugu Mbatha-Raw
Leo Jones - Reggie Yates
Francine Jones - Adjoa Andoh
Lazarus - Mark Gatiss
Lady Thaw - Thelma Barlow
Olive Lady - Lucy O'Connell
Mysterious Man - Bertie Carvel


Overnight: 6.7 million
Final: 7.19 million
Audience Appreciation: 86


The multi-talented Mark Gatiss, who plays Lazarus, has been a fan of Doctor Who all his life. He wrote The Unquiet Dead and The Idiot's Lantern, as well as a number of other Doctor Who books and audio adventures. He even appeared as the Doctor himself, in a sketch for BBC2's Doctor Who Night (broadcast 13th September 1999).

To date, only two other people have both acted in and written for the series (cameo roles excluded): Glyn Jones, who wrote The Space Museum and appeared in The Sontaran Experiment and Victor Pemberton, who wrote Fury From the Deep and appeared in The Moonbase.

According to The Bible (John 11:41-44), Lazarus died and then came back to life after four days when Jesus rolled away the stone from his tomb.

In this episode, we learn that Mr Saxon's first name is Harold and that he has an degree of antipathy towards the Doctor. Quite why, we don't know. Yet.

We've only seen the Mums of two of the Doctor's companions - Rose and Martha. Both Mums have slapped him.

The latest advances in forensic medicine mean that DNA can be extracted from microscopic amounts of material. A sloppy kiss on the hand from Lazarus would be more than adequate to provide a sample.

Southwark cathedral was the first gothic church to be constructed in England, with the main structure being built between 1220 and 1420.

Wells Cathedral in Somerset doubled for the interior of Southwark Cathedral. It's the seat of the Bishop of Bath and Wells.

The organ played by the Doctor consists of 67 stops and dates back to an instrument built by Henry Willis in 1857. This was enlarged by Harrison and Harrison in 1910 and substantially rebuilt by them in 1973/4.

Although he's a man of many Talents, David Tennant's fancy fingerwork at the organ was actually provided by keyboard wizard David Bednall.

'Soap', the fragrance favoured by Tish, is available from all good chemists.


The Doctor loves nibbles. In The Sea Devils, he demolished an entire plate of sandwiches in seconds.

Modified sound waves were also used to defeat the Robot Santas in The Runaway Bride and the deadly weed creature in Fury From the Deep.

Those that have achieved immortality invariably live to regret it. Examples include Mawdryn and his followers (Mawdryn Undead) and the Doctor's old teacher, Borusa (The Five Doctors).

Fact File compiled by Peter Ware.

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