Written By - Russell T Davies
Director - Richard Clark


The Doctor - David Tennant
Martha Jones - Freema Agyeman

Brannigan - Ardal O'Hanlon
Novice Hame - Anna Hope
Milo - Travis Oliver
Cheen - Lenora Crichlow
Valerie - Jennifer Hennessy
Alice - Bridget Turner
May - Georgine Anderson
Whitey - Simon Pearsall
Javit - Daisy Lewis
Businessman - Nicholas Bolton
Sally Calypso - Erika Macleod
Ma - Judy Norman
Pa - Graham Padden
Pale Woman - Lucy Davenport
Pharmacist #1 - Tom Edden
Pharmacist #2 - Natasha Williams
Pharmacist #3 - Gayle Telfer Stevens
The Face Of Boe - Struan Rodger

Macra created by Ian Stuart Black


Overnight: 8 million
Final: 8.41 million
Audience Appreciation (overnight): 85


The year five billion and fifty three is, as far as we know, the furthest into the future that the TARDIS has ever travelled!

The look of Ma and Pa (the characters who are attacked at the start of the episode) is based on the figures in the famous painting by Grant Wood, American Gothic.

Gridlock is the 727th episode of Doctor Who. This will break the record held by the various series in the Star Trek franchise. They amassed a combined total of 726 episodes between them.

The Face of Boe has now appeared in three episodes: The End of the World, New Earth and Gridlock.

Reportedly, the longest traffic jam ever recorded occurred on the French motorway between Lyon and Paris on 16 February 1980 - that one tailed back for 109 miles! Before the Doctor helped rescue the citizens of New New York, at an average speed of 5 miles every 12 years, it would have taken cars over two and a half centuries to travel that distance!

Brannigan, Boe and Nurse Hame were just three of the 44 prosthetic and animatronic monster creations featured in Series 3 in total... and this figure doesn't include the numerous other smaller prosthetic elements!

It takes four days to make one Cat Nun prosthetic, and each can only be used once. A new face was needed for every new filming day.


The beautiful description of Gallifrey's burnt orange skies and silver leaves was first heard way back in the 1964 story The Sensorites.

The only other occasion that the Doctor has faced his crabby opponents was in 1967, when his second incarnation (Patrick Troughton) defeated them in The Macra Terror.

The Businessman that the Doctor meets isn't the first character to wear a bowler hat in the series; Trevor Sigma in The Happiness Patrol and the Time Lord in Terror of the Autons also notably sported the stylish headgear. Although bowlers went out of fashion in the UK by the 1980s, it seems that by the year five billion and fifty three, they're back in vogue for the sartorially conscious commuter!

Fact File compiled by Peter Ware.

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