RISE OF THE CYBERMEN: Fear Factor 3 (Very Scary)

How scary is Doctor Who? Our brave Fear Forecasters present a minute-by-minute guide to Rise of the Cybermen.
Amy (5)
Harry (7)
Samuel (9)

Adam (13)

Dr. Kendrick is killed.(1) Amy juts out her lower lip - she's taken an instant dislike to John Lumic. "Oooh, nicely done!" grins Samuel as we see the first Cyberman victim.

The Doctor and Rose reminisce.(3) Adam is sad that the Doctor and Rose are ignoring and making fun of Mickey. Then there's an explosion - the TARDIS has perished. "Noooo! They can't do that!" exclaims Harry, but Adam is more amused by the oxygen masks falling from the ceiling.

Trust me on this!(6) It's Rose's dad - and he talks! "Oh," realises Samuel, "it's just an advert." An observant Harry spots Pete's ears. "Is he a Cyberman?"

Same old Jackie!(7) During the rest of the episode, whenever anyone uses Pete's catchphrase, Adam and Samuel give each other a thumbs up: "Trust me on this!" Amy looks puzzled, and Harry's completely baffled: "That can't be Jackie! And that's not Rose's house!"

ROSE!(8) Harry studies Jackie. "She's a Cyberman too!" Jackie makes Adam laugh: "She's calling Rose like a dog!" Rose appears at the top of the stairs. Samuel: "Ha ha! She is a dog!" Amy's delighted to see fluffy little Rose.

Ear Pod override.(9) Pete's excuse to Lumic: "The President's not married to Jackie, is he?" Big laugh from Adam and Samuel. "That's weird," says Adam, when Jackie's ear pieces grow around her head. "Remind you of anything?" asks Samuel.

Rose gets a news flash on her mobile.(11) Rose watches the news on her mobile. "Cyberman!" shouts a confident Amy, and her brother nods vigorously. And then a cheer and a chorus of "Torchwood!" from Adam and Samuel as the news report trails off.

Don't go...(14) Jake appears. "Hey! He's from the CBBC channel," says Samuel. "Maybe that's why he's got a video camera?" suggests Dad. Then there are screams from within the van - the kids' fears about the van and the creepy man were well founded...

The Cybus Daily Download.(20) Everyone's stopped in the street. Adam: "It's like musical statues." Samuel: "That one's still blinking!" Harry's shocked: "Everyone's a Cyberman!"

I know my own Grandson...Ricky!(23) Mickey goes to see his grandmother. Adam and Samuel both laugh when she calls him Ricky. They laugh even harder when she slaps him.

The answer is NO.(25) The sales pitch - but the President won't give his permission. Samuel: "But Lumic's already done it!"

The upgrade chamber.(28) Screams! Machine noises! Pop music! Mum and Dad grimace at the implied horror. Adam: It would be more scary without the music." Mum: "It's pretty scary with the music." Fortunately, Amy and Harry don't seem to have realised what's happening...

The parallel Micky...Ricky!(29) Mickey meets Ricky! Amy's very confused, and looks to her brother. Harry just smiles and shrugs, while Samuel stares open-mouthed.

If you want to know what's going on, work in the kitchen.(30) At the party. Adam: "Hee hee! She's a waitress. That's really clever." Mum, meanwhile, thinks that the Doctor looks very good in a DJ.

On the march.(33) The clanging sound of metal feet. "Real Cybermen!" shouts an overexcited Harry. Samuel: "They've got really big feet." He wiggles his own toes thoughtfully.

We're exactly the same.(34) Mickey's got no clothes on. Amy wears a broad grin.

Ricky and Jake watch the Tyler's house.(37) "Here they come!" breathes Harry and nervously sucks on the claw of his Slitheen action figure.

Rose offers Jackie advise.(39) Cyber-feet tramp nearer through the darkening evening. Adam holds his mum's hand, to help her keep calm. Meanwhile, Rose's mum shouts at her. Adam is affronted: "She's not her daughter!" Samuel looks at his nails in embarassment.

Metallic party crasher.(40) The Cybermen break in! "Crashing the party," jokes Lumic on-screen. "Crashing the windows, more like," says Samuel. Amy quickly picks up her favourite pink pens and begins drawing, distracting herself from the scary action.

DELETE!(42) The Cyberman speaks. "I don't like that voice," shivers Samuel. Then partygoers get deleted! Adam and Samuel are fascinated. Samuel holds out his hand like a Cyberman and goes "Bzzzzzt!"

Jackie screams!(44) Poor Jackie is pursued from her own party by a Cyberman. Adam doesn't hold out much hope for her: "Shakespeare died on his own birthday," he explains helpfully.

We're good stock!(45) "Maximum Deletion!" insists the steel giant. Harry, mouth agape and clutching a soggy Slitheen, hasn't moved for the past five minutes. Amy has drawn a Cyberman, a dog and Doctor Who. As the credits crash in, everyone is desperate to see more!