ARMY OF GHOSTS: Fear Factor 4 (Chilling)

How scary is Doctor Who? Our brave Fear Forecasters present a minute-by-minute guide.

Amy gave a score of 5
Amy (5)
Harry gave a score of 4
Harry (7)
Samuel gave a score of 4
Samuel (9)
Adam gave a score of 4
Adam (13)

Flashback: The Doctor and Rose on a mysterious alien planet.(1) A shock revelation! Harry's vexed. "What happens to Rose?" We see an alien planet. "Coooool!" breathes Samuel.

Ghosts on the Powell Estate.(4) Things take a sinister turn. Adam: "Jackie doesn't even seem scared!" Harry agrees: "That's scary!"

TV: Ghost Watch - sightings all over the world. (6) The ghostly adverts make Adam and Samuel roar with laughter. Peggy Mitchell's appearance particularly delights them.

The Doctor struggles to figure out what they really are.(7) The ghosts reappear. The most frightening thing, decides Adam, is that no-one is scared of the ghosts. Samuel has gone cold: "Oh no! I've worked it out!" He hurries over to whisper it to his Mum, so as not to spoil it for the others. Mum says: "Let's wait and see."

A Torchwood scientist, Dr. Singh, looks upon a mysterious sphere . (9) The sphere. "That," says Harry with authority, "is an eyeball!" Amy's not so sure. Samuel thinks "It looks like Marvin, from Hitch Hikers". Adam isn't entirely convinced: "That was smaller."

There are Cybermen already at Torchwood.(10) Adam senses that Dad is feeling anxious, and holds his hand comfortingly: "It's very nervewracking," he explains. Then a cyberman appears. "Waaaagh!" yell Adam, Samuel and Harry. Amy's wide-eyed and tense.

Yvonne Hartman, the Torchwood leader, powers up for another ghost shift. (13) The Torchwood snoggers return. "There's something different about them," ponders Adam. "They're dead" says Harry, sadly. "They're turning into Cybermen". Amy nods solemnly.

Jackie is taken on a ride in the TARDIS.(17) 'Mum's still on board'. Everyone finds this hilarious!

The Doctor meets Yvonne and introduces his companion Rose (Jackie!)???(19) The Doctor introduces his companion. Amy, with her keen eye for detail declares, "That's not Rose! Silly Doctor!"

Rose, hidden in the TARDIS, has a quick peek out.(22) Rose assesses the situation through a crack in the door. "She shouldn't go out" advises Amy, sensibly.

A Torchwood employee is coaxed away from their desk.(23) Matt's being tempted to leave his desk. "Uh-oh," says Adam, "don't do it! She's just bait." Dad nods: "I've known girls like that."

The Doctor stares up at the sphere and names it - a Void Ship!(25) The Doctor's examining the sphere. Adam has his own theory: "Before the universe.... Hell... It IS where that devil came from!"

The Torchwood employee is lead to the hidden Cybermen.(26) "Just... go to the left" Amy, never a digit sucker until now, puts her thumb in her mouth!

Mickey has infiltrated Torchwood, undercover as Samuel.(33) It's Mickey! Everyone cheers at this revelation. Especially Amy - she treats her favourite character to a broad grin and a twinkle.

Yvonne pulls out ear piece from Torchwood employee. YUK!(36) Out with the earpiece. The whole family says "Euuuuurgh!"

The Doctor finds the hidden Cybermen at Torchwood.(37) Cybermen! Lots of them! Time for kids to clutch their parents!

With the Cybermen in control, more come through the Void.(39) "They're everywhere!" shouts an over-excited Harry. Amy's back to sucking her thumb. Harry, who's beyond that now, tries to nibble his big toe.

The Cybermen are even in peoples homes.(40) A monster at the the top of the stairs! "Arrrgh! *Don't* stay in your homes!" wails Harry.

The Void ship opens up, who will be inside? (41) The sphere is opening... "Oh that is AMAZING!" says Samuel. "Look, it's got lines on it like a Cyberman's chest." Mickey's got his gun, ready to face down whatever is in the sphere... and then... and the preview DVD stops.

End Credits! (42) "FINAL SCENE WITHHELD". There is a long silence. Samuel boggles at the caption, appalled. Adam glares accusingly at the screen: "Oh, that is EVIL!" "Noooo! It can't stop there!" shouts Harry. "What is it Dad?" demands Amy. "WHAT IS IT?!?"

... And that's the final Fear Forecast for this series. Next week's episode is so secret, not even the Fear Forecasters have seen it.