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Sophie Okenodo - Alison.

  Could you tell us who are you playing?

My name is Sophie Okonedo and I’m playing Alison who becomes Doctor Who’s sidekick.

About Alison
  What can you tell us about her character?

She’s quite strong, quite a feisty girl, very intelligent and quite working class. That’s what it says in the script anyway. She’s working in a bar at the moment and she lives with her boyfriend who she doesn’t really want to be with anymore, and she gets caught up with the Doctor.

The perfect Doctor
  What’s it like working with the rest of the cast?

All the actors are just such fun. Richard’s just the perfect Doctor so all the scenes with him have been really enjoyable. You couldn’t think of anyone better to play the Doctor really, so that’s been really good.

Looking the part
  Have you any thoughts about how you should look?

Well it would be good to have bigger boobs and smaller feet, other than that...

TV, film or radio?
  What medium do you prefer working in?

I’m not really bothered, I just like good scripts, it doesn’t really matter, I don’t have any preference, I like the theatre, I like filming.

The favourite thing I’ve ever done is a thing called Never Never by Tony Marchant, it was for television and that was really good, and Clocking Off I did for television – that was really good too.

Memories of Who
  Have you ever watched Doctor Who?

Yeah, yeah, I did when I was younger, I watched Doctor Who.

Favourite memories?

Rhe Daleks, the same as everyone else. I remember it being really, really scary. I really loved it when I was a kid.

Scary stuff
  What do you think the scariest moment is in this one?

I suppose when people can’t control what they’re doing is quite scary, when they start trying to kill each other and stuff.

Further travels
  Would you like to come back for more?

I would really like to do some more because she’s a good character, she’s not like a silly little girl. She’s quite good fun, she’s quite strong and she’s has quite a dry sense of humour, which is nice.

It would be good to just see what they come up with really. I can imagine it would go on because Richard’s such a good Doctor Who. We’ve such a good cast - we have Derek Jacobi, playing the Master, real stellar cast. I could imagine it would go on indefinitely.