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24 September 2014

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Conor MoloneyWhere would you travel to if you had a TARDIS?

I’m allowed a few trips am I, it’s not just the one? I’d like to go back, meet Jesus, see how big the crowds were, see if he pulled them in, what kind of gags he used. I’m sure for moments like the Sermon on the Mount, there must have been times when he thought, ‘I’ve got to warm them up with a few gags and then hit them with the serious love stuff.' Let’s hope this is not going out in fundamentalist Christian TV in America because they won’t like it.

I’d like to go everywhere, I’d like to go meet Oscar Wilde. As for when I’d go back to, I kind of like this time. I mean you might as well go with what you’re used to, but also I’d like to go back to 40s America, film noir. I know that was a creation, it was fiction, it never existed - no they really walked around in shadows and like that, they just shot around them, that’s how it happened - I know it was fiction, that’s how they made movies, but I’d like to be in one of them.

What would you like to do in that era?

Just hang out with Robert Mitchum and say, ‘God, you’re cool, hope a bit of it rubs off on me – how did you get so cool?’ What would I actually do? I’d probably act or mess around. I’d probably be a clown, or a jester, just around the time when all that persecution’s going on.

The Doctor

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