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22 October 2014

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Wilson MilamWhat's been the highlight of the recording?

Oh there’s lots of funny moments that we would love to find a place to put it into the final mix but I just don’t think are going to make it. Tucked in here and there throughout the version you’ll be watching there are little things the actors would say from here and there, we grabbed them and we find them and we nestle them up against other lines they have.

Right now we’re doing Prime and the Doctor being sucked into the warpgate and we’re finding our special sound effects, I think it’s described in the script as a cosmic garbage disposal so we’ve been experimenting with various garbage disposal sounds. Also, the big shoot out when they advance on the warehouse was a lot of fun, we had no idea where that was going to go to and we’re - ‘Are we in the TARDIS now or are we jumping out of the TARDIS or are we coming over the fence? Where are we?’ It’s been a pretty constant discovery.

The Doctor

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