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22 October 2014

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Scream of the Shalka | Interviews | Wilson Milam
Responding to the Master
Wilson MilamCan you explain the role of the director?

I was brought in by our producer and I saw what I think was the second draft of the script, and a couple more drafts happened before we sat down and had a reading with the writer there. We all got together, the producers, the writer and myself and we started going through it.

The script constantly evolved as we found how our actors impacted with that, as we all got deeper into this particular world, as Paul Cornell, the writer, described the base under siege. There were ramifications, as more ideas come you start adjusting and working on that. So we spent a lot of time working with the script before.

Right now as we’re in post-production, we're asking if we can deepen a moment? Is there a little bit of humour to be had? How long has this character been away? Is the reaction we have when they first come and see their girlfriend who’s been in the cavern fighting Shalka worms, the right one?

You nudge and guide actors towards an emotional quality that the scene will have, especially once the music is underlaid and all the rest of the sound effects. They’re so well cast, I mean so often it’s just being smart enough to respond to our Doctor, our Master, our evil villain.

The Doctor

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