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22 October 2014

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Shada | K9&Co | Lee Sullivan
Digital business
Lee SullivanWhat's the difference between doing comics now to when you started?

The differences in drawing comics now to how they were when I started out about thirteen years ago is they're really technical now. The computer has come along and things like Photoshop, the computer graphics programme, have expanded the range of possibilities.

It seems a lot like cheating to me because I was one of the last from the era when you drew with ink and you whited out with something called pelican white, made with real pelicans one assumes. Someone like Frank Bellamy would have really been appalled by the use of Photoshop, but I'm finding increasingly that if you accept that you're going to be cheating you can do an awful lot of things with it, such as special effects.

You can flip images if you're not really happy with them, you can change the size of people's heads if you've drawn a really nice likeness but it's not quite in proportion with the body. You can shrink it down and do all kinds of things like that very fast, and it does free you up to make ultimately a better piece of finished art.

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