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22 October 2014

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Shada | K9&Co | Jason Haigh-Ellery
The Adams family
Jason Haigh-ElleryWhat was the estate's reaction to the suggestion?

Douglas was never a prolific author of any sorts. Most of his work was actually done between 1976 - 77 and 1982, if you think about it. He wrote a number of books obviously and also a number of scripts, but he only wrote three Doctor Who scripts and two series of Hitchhiker's on radio. There isn't that much there, and most of it has already been sold in terms of rights to Walt Disney. Dirk Gently for example has been sold to Walt Disney, so none of the rights are available for that.

When I went to them about Shada, although they were aware of it they were a little bit concerned about letting something go which Douglas had written, because there's so little left which hasn't been optioned. At the end of the day the agent is there to look after the interests of Douglas's widow and his daughter. So it was an interesting bit of negotiation but they could see that we really wanted to do it and they trusted us to do it well and so we came to an agreement.

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