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24 September 2014

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Shada | K9&Co | Sean Biggerstaff
Back to Hogwarts?
Sean BiggerstaffCan you see yourself getting back together in a studio to do Harry Potter twenty years from now in the way we're doing Doctor Who here?

I wouldn't think so because Harry Potter's finite. There's seven stories, it's not going to go beyond that, unlike Doctor Who where there have been lots of writers and there's lots of episodes and the BBC are at liberty to write new ones. I think it's less likely to happen with Harry Potter.

The cast of this is fantastic, I walked into the hotel the other day, to the bar where we were all meeting up, and recognised everyone. All the people have been doing brilliant stuff since before I was born, I'm a bit out of my depth here.

How have the old hands been with you?

Oh, they're great. Everyone's completely lovely and supportive and not even slightly patronising. When you come [across] people who have done things for [so long], when they talk to you completely normally like an equal, it's very relieving.

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