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24 September 2014

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History of Who
Yee Jee Tso PictureCould you tell us how you initially became involved with Doctor Who and how you became involved with this project?

That’s a long story.

We had an open casting call for the Doctor Who TV movie with Paul McGann. They were filming it in Vancouver which is where I’ve been a professional actor for nine years now. Then they did the call-backs, [and] it was between two or three of us.

It just so happened that something terrible had happened and I was late for the audition by about an hour and a half. I found out later from [producer] Philip Segal that that’s precisely why they hired me. They wanted the Chang Lee character to have this ‘I don’t care’ kind of attitude, and I guess me showing up really late for this huge casting call was the ‘I don’t care’ attitude they wanted.

[Director] Geoffrey Sax had mentioned to me something about how I was going to have these repercussions happen to me and that I might be doing conventions and stuff. Eventually that did end up happening to me. I hooked up with different conventions here and there and ended up doing the circuit [in North America], and then everything died down for a while.

Then I went on a Doctor Who sea cruise a couple of months ago, and hooked up with [independent producer] Keith Barnfather from England, so came over here to do a UK tour. I knew Gary Russell from him writing a book about the TV Movie. We saw each other and he just said, "Hey, let’s do this thing" and we did. It’s like a long circuitous [route].

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