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Stewart Lee - Carey Renchard, survey team member.

Annual favourite
  Could you tell us your first memory of Doctor Who?

My first memory of Doctor Who is not actually the telly programme but the cover of one of the annuals. It was a Jon Pertwee one with lots of scientific equipment on the front, which looks really like the cover of a Who compilation album that came out in the late ‘70s as well.

Did the Doctor used to scare you in the early days?

Yeah obviously. And still a bit today actually. When I was in there [recording], there was a scene where this guy who’s a double agent, he’d double crossed the Doctor and tried to get it together with the Cybermen, gets made into a Cyberman. It unsettled me.

I’m not sure whether it was the actual scene that I was in today [that did it] or whether it was kind of a memory of how scary that would have been when I was a kid.

Bob the begrudging
  Tell us a bit more about your character Ryan Carey.

Well Ryan Carey I actually based on a bloke called Bob who is a builder/plumber that has come to work on my flat a number of times. He does so begrudgingly and with a kind of contempt both for his work and the people who are employing him.

When I read the part of Ryan Carey, who’s this guy who’s helping the Doctor to explore this temple and take scientific readings, he seemed to have the same unpleasant attitude towards his profession and the world around him. So he’s based on Bob R****** who is a builder in North London.

Can’t say no
  Why did you take on the role and how were you approached?

Why did I take on the role!

I got an email off some guys who’ve seen me doing comedy. One of them works for Doctor Who magazine and they put us in touch with Gary. Anyone, I think, of my generation or older or perhaps even slightly younger would have no choice but to say yes when asked to do a part in a Doctor Who thing because it just has such an incredible resonance.

  Do you think comedy actors work better in these sort of fantasy shows?

I think maybe comedy actors and people with a comedy background are good in stuff like this because if someone says to me "Oh you’re a Cyberman now and your chest plates are being ripped off, can you make the kind of noise that that is" that doesn’t really bother me because I’ve done lots of strange things.

I’ve dressed up as big pieces of fruit and been kind of attacked by wolves and things on the radio and on telly so I’m not scared by having a breast plate ripped off me as a Cyberman. In fact I embrace the experience.

No change
  Real Time has a lot of time travel stuff in it. If you could go back in time, what would you want to change?

If I could travel through time I wouldn’t go back and change anything in my life because I’m delighted with the way it’s turned out.

I’m constantly surprised by the ridiculous things that I get to do for a living, one of which is, at the age of 33, suddenly finding that I can have some kind of contribution to an important part of British broadcasting. Even though like the BBC haven’t maintained Doctor Who in the way they might have done, I think for everyone of my age that grew up with it just to be asked to be in it is great.

DIY to the power of ten
  Cybermen have the strength of 10 men. If you had ten men at your disposal, what would you do with them?

Well I’ve got a lot of stuff that needs fixed around the house. I need a lot of painting done, and they could sort out my garden. So I wouldn’t go for world domination, just simple horticultural and DIY things.