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24 September 2014

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Real Time | Interviews | Nicholas Briggs
Battle of the bawlers
Nicholas Briggs PictureWith the full Cyber voice do you now feel you’re a match for Colin Baker’s Doctor in terms of shoutiness?

Well, I would of course say that Colin Baker’s Doctor is not just all about shouting. The good thing about Colin’s performance is that it has real angles on it. He has real peaks and troughs in the performance, he’s a very, very interesting actor to listen to.

One minute he’s like this [shouting], and then he’s suddenly having a little thought to himself, and then he’s being a bit sarky to someone. I just did a scene with Colin where I had to have a bit of an argument with him and at the end he looked through the glass at me and went, ‘Very good, very good,’ and I thought ‘Bless you Colin.’

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