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23 July 2014
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Real Time | Interviews | Jane Goddard
Ms Cyberworld 2002
Jane Goddard Picture You’ve got the possibly dubious honour of being the world’s first Cyberlady. How did you find that?

It’s a bit scary really. There are a lot of people around who seem to know a lot more about Doctor Who than I do, because as I say I was really into it for the first couple of years and after that I really lost track of it.

I had to have a potted history last night from my other half on the subject of who the Cybermen were and what they’re like and how they’ve change. But then having said that, as I’m a whole new Cyberlady and there’s never been one before I suppose I can actually create my own thing, which is what I’ve been doing.

[Of course], the effects are done for you, [so] you don’t have to worry too much vocally because of the wonderful effects that they put on it. We can hear [it] down the headphones which is really great.

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