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24 October 2014

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Jane Goddard
The first female Cyberman.
Jane Goddard Actress Jane Goddard told us what it feels like to be the first Cyber-woman in Doctor Who.

Video Clips

VIDEO CLIP:In the beginning

VIDEO CLIP:Sounds scary

VIDEO CLIP:Ms Cyberworld 2002

VIDEO CLIP:Character one

VIDEO CLIP:I’d rather exist, frankly

VIDEO CLIP:Strength of ten women

Text Transcript

In at the beginning

  What's your earliest memory of Doctor Who, but describing it in words that do not use the phrase 'behind the sofa'?

Sounds scary

  Do you think Doctor Who is more scary in audio or on TV?

Ms Cyberworld 2002

  You’ve got the possibly dubious honour of being the world’s first Cyberlady. How did you find that?

Character one

  Before you turned into a cyberlady you played another character. Can you tell us a little bit about her?

I’d rather exist, frankly

  Time travel is a big part of Real Time. If you personally had the chance to nip back in time and change something, what would it be?

Strength of ten women

  The Cybermen of course, have the strength of ten men. If you had ten men at your disposal how would you use them?

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