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22 October 2014

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Real Time | Interviews | Gary Russell
Dos and Don'ts
Gary Russell PictureWhat, if anything, did you learn from Death Comes to Time about writing for an online presentation rather than audio only?

I cannot answer that question because I have a policy with myself, as regards other Doctor Who spin-off audio products. I do not listen to them. Because, Doctor Who fandom being what it is, all you get is, "Bet you didn’t like Death Comes to Time, bet you thought Death Comes to Time is rubbish," or, "Wasn’t Death Comes to Time good, you’ve got to admit that was really good," and it’s much easier if I can just turn around and say "I didn’t listen to it".

I don’t like being drawn on comparisons so I haven’t listened to it. I’ve listened to the original pilot episode of Death Comes to Time but [as for] the rest of it - I know what happens in it obviously, but I haven’t listened to it.

What did I learn from it? All I can say is I saw a lot of the drawings that Lee [Sullivan] had done for Death Comes to Time and very early on when we were first talking about Real Time I was shown some of the animations that were being done for that pilot episode. Therefore when I was writing Real Time, I at least had in my head the way that it would be illustrated.

The thing I set out to do was to write an audio play for which the illustrations would be an embellishment. There isn’t anything that happens in Real Time that you shouldn’t be able to understand just from listening to the audio. I’ve had other people say to me there are events that happen in Death Comes to Time where if you didn’t have the visuals, you might not have got what was going on. Whether that’s true or not I don’t know, but the fact that people have said that made me work very hard to make sure that didn’t happen with Real Time.

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