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22 October 2014

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Charting Real Time
Gary Russell PictureDid you use flip charts and diagrams to figure out the structure of the story?

I didn’t do that. Martin Trickey and James at the BBC did that. I had lunch with them one day and Martin or James bought out this big sheet of paper, and it said ‘Cyberleader, planet Chronos’ and they had arrows going here and arrows going there. I was going, "Bloody hell, you’re taking this more seriously than I am!"

But actually that was quite useful. I took a photocopy of it when they weren’t looking and went, "Right, that’s what that’s all about, okay". It did help in some respects in that we were able to bash a few little plot holes out that way. There were a few other plot strands going on which as a result of [seeing] that flow chart the three of us thought "We should take that whole section out."

It was [about] a load of Cybermen in a space ship in the future trying to get to Chronos, a convoluted sort of oroborus worm thing of, "Well, that started because that started, but that started because that started... " We took that whole chunk of it out and that was just from looking at their little flow chart and thinking, "Yeah, there’s just too much there".

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