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24 October 2014

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Real Time | Interviews
Gary Russell
Real Time's writer/director.
Gary Russell Big Finish's Gary Russell reveals all about his involvement in Real Time, possibly with the aid of diagrams...

Video Clips

VIDEO CLIP:Cyber Control

VIDEO CLIP:Cyber Planner

VIDEO CLIP:Charting Real Time

VIDEO CLIP:Dos and Don'ts

VIDEO CLIP:Brilliant Baker

VIDEO CLIP:New Companions

Text Transcript

Cyber Control

  What’s it like working for the BBC on a project, rather than having it all under your own control?

Cyber Planner

  Is now the time to restore the credibility of the Cybermen, with Real Time and Spare Parts?

Charting Real Time

  Did you use flip charts and diagrams to figure out the structure of the story?

Dos and Don'ts

  What, if anything, did you learn from Death Comes to Time about writing for an online presentation rather than audio only?

Brilliant Baker

  Why do you think Colin Baker has suddenly become, according to the polls, the most popular audio Doctor? What have you done to the character to make him such a hit?

New Companions

  In terms of popularity it’s your newer companions that are creating more of a buzz amongst the fans. Why is that?

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