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24 September 2014

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Cybermen | History of the Cybermen
Spare Parts

History of the Cybermen PictureOrigins of the Cybermen.

The stars of Real Time are Doctor Who’s second scariest monsters, the Cybermen. Emotionless silver giants, they have the strength of ten men and can survive in the airless vacuum of space. They were also responsible for the death of Adric, for which many people are eternally grateful.

The metallic meanies were originally created in 1966, the brainchild of the late Doctor Kit Pedler. Pedler was Doctor Who’s unofficial scientific advisor, and found himself intrigued by the possibilities of a species that had taken the concept of replacement surgery too far. At what point, Pedler posited, did a man cease to be a man and become a collection of spare parts?

Pedler teamed up with Doctor Who’s story editor Gerry Davis to develop the concept of cybernetics further, exploring the idea that a creature composed almost entirely of metal and plastic would lose the capacity for emotion.

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