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22 October 2014

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Staff Sergeant Arnold and Driver Evans escape the tide of fungus engulfing the Goodge Street fortress. Arnold resolves to warn the others before the deadly substance spreads into the tunnels.

Evans has other ideas, however. Arnold's furious reprimands are no longer enough to restrain the soldier, who bolts down the tunnel in the opposite direction.

The Doctor and Anne use the amended control box and sphere to lead their captive Yeti. The Doctor says that until they discover the identity of the traitor, the fewer people that know the creature is under their control the better.

The Doctor instructs the Yeti to switch off for 90 seconds, and then resume acting on instructions from the Intelligence until it is told to do otherwise.

The Yeti roars its acceptance of the order before it becomes inactive.

Satisfied at his ruse, the Doctor leaves the immobile giant and leads Anne along the tunnel. They soon meet Lethbridge-Stewart and Jamie. Suspicious of the Colonel, Anne tells him their experiments with the control box were a failure.

Lethbridge-Stewart tells them about the Professor and Victoria's captivity, explaining that he learnt of their whereabouts from Arnold. The Colonel leads the way as the Doctor and Anne secretly resolve to try increasing the range of the control unit.

The party next encounters Arnold, who tells them of Evans' desertion. Their path is soon blocked by two ferocious Yeti.

As the creatures roar in the darkness the Sergeant panics: 'They've come to fetch us!'

Evans' reaction in the face of a similar menace is also one of blind panic, followed by subdued resignation to his fate. He offers little resistance as the creatures take him captive.

The Yeti maintain a motionless vigil over Lethbridge-Stewart and his party.

Receiving a signal, the Yeti begin herding them along the tunnel. With permission from Lethbridge-Stewart, Arnold resolves to make a break from the party. He eventually succeeds in slipping away.

Professor Travers and Victoria are held captive in the ticket hall of Piccadilly Circus Station.

They find a pyramid structure unlike anything that either encountered in Tibet. The Professor surmises that it must be the device the Intelligence intends using to drain the Doctor's mind.

As their two guards let out a cautionary growl, Victoria recommends that the Professor leaves the pyramid alone.

Victoria becomes aware of someone, or something, near them. She again expresses the hope that the Doctor will come up with an answer. The Professor states that if he can't, his friend will just have to give in.

'You're right Professor,' an eerie whisper echoes all around them. 'He has no alternative.'

The Intelligence continues: 'I am sorry not to be here to welcome you personally, but I am sure you will not be offended. After all, the guest of honour is the Doctor – he, I am sure, will co-operate, as I advise you to do. To interfere would be pointless.'

Travers is distraught, and blames his own misguided curiosity for their predicament.

The Doctor repeatedly plays 'The Skye Boat Song' on his recorder, deep in thought. He pauses to answer Jamie's query about which of the guarding Yetis is 'theirs'. 'I don't know. Unfortunately I've lost track of him.'

He gives Jamie a microphone and tells him to keep calling their Yeti to him. 'You'll soon know if you haven't got the right one!' the Doctor grins.

In a nearby tunnel, cowardly journalist Harold Chorley is ecstatic on finding Sergeant Arnold. He claims to have been wandering alone for ages. Chorley's jubilation clearly isn't shared by Arnold.

The Sergeant listens intently to the arduous story of the man's escape attempts. Chorley goes on to tell the soldier how he managed to get into Piccadilly Circus Station, and saw the machine, the Professor and Victoria.

'There's just one thing that puzzles me,' begins Arnold, 'and that's how you managed to exist for so long. Why didn't the Yetis get you?' He takes the indignant Chorley with him.

Anne asks the Doctor where their control box is. He replies that it's inside his pocket. They discuss their strategy.

Lethbridge-Stewart points out that the Yeti will soon notice Jamie's disappearance, and tactfully enquires what the Doctor intends to do.

The Doctor puts the words into his mouth. 'Do you mean: am I going to give myself up?'

The Yeti reappear, bringing Driver Evans with them.

Disbelieving the Welshman's lacklustre story, the Colonel accuses him of desertion. The Yeti attempt to herd the group on and Lethbridge-Stewart recommends that the Doctor gives himself in. 'There's no other choice.'

Jamie peers out from his hiding place after they have gone.

The unnatural silence in Piccadilly Circus station is punctuated only by the rhythmic bleeps of the Yeti...

... and the footsteps of the Doctor as he prepares for the final confrontation with the Intelligence.

He is escorted along the platform, to be met by another Yeti.

Using his control box, he manages to deactivate the creatures with relative ease. He makes a careful examination of the headset the Yeti is about to place on his head.

With the headset firmly in place, the Doctor reactivates the creatures which continue to escort him.

Anne is reunited with her father and Victoria in the ticket hall.

Meanwhile, Jamie talks into the microphone, relaying instructions to a Yeti in a nearby tunnel. He tells it to join him by the platform at Piccadilly.

As the lumbering giant approaches, he tries to confirm his identification of the creature by asking it to raise its right arm. When nothing happens, he repeats the instruction. Once Jamie realises he may have the wrong creature, it is too late ...

The ticket hall is illuminated by the eerie incandescence of the Intelligence when the Doctor arrives, wearing the headset.

'Don't worry,' the Doctor reassures Victoria in strangely calm tones, 'everything is under control.' The omnipresent whisper of the Intelligence thanks him for co-operating before directing him towards the pyramid.

The Doctor asks the others not to do anything foolish. Enraged, the Colonel shouts 'Why don't you show yourself? Who are you?'
'You will know soon enough...' comes the whispering reply.

Chorley appears at the end of the tunnel and is immediately accused of being a traitor. 'It isn't me,' he pleads, close to tears, 'I'm not the Intelligence!' He looks behind him, frantically pointing. 'The Intelligence is him!'

The figure walking impassively towards them emerges from the darkness. It is Staff Sergeant Arnold.

Or rather, as the Intelligence points out through the soldier's lips: 'Merely Arnold's lifeless body in which I concealed myself.'

'But let us to work,' it continues, 'there will be time for discussion later. In fact, all the time in the world.' It is distracted by the entrance of the last member of the party.

Jamie is followed into the ticket hall by his giant captor, and instructed to join the Doctor. When he attempts to struggle, a Yeti viciously grabs him, exerting a powerful grip on his neck. The Doctor refuses to submit until Jamie is released.

The Intelligence orders the release of the boy and instructs the Doctor to enter the machine.

Under the Intelligence's watchful gaze, the Doctor crouches inside the pyramid structure, awaiting his fate.

His eyes cast towards 'Arnold' – the destined recipient of his centuries of experience and knowledge.

'Soon your mind will be absorbed by the Great Intelligence. You should be very proud, Doctor – your knowledge of the past will help to shape the future of this great planet. Prepare for a great darkness to cloud your mind.'

As the process is about to begin, Jamie produces his microphone and shouts an instruction to attack the other Yeti. His Yeti, in fact the one which accompanied him to the ticket hall, lunges at its compatriots.

Chaos ensues, amid which the Doctor's rescue attempt is hampered only by the Doctor himself. 'You don't understand,' he shouts, 'you'll ruin everything! I've got to stay here!'

Jamie pulls the helmet from the Doctor's head, hurling it into the heart of the pyramid. There is a huge explosion and a blinding white flash. Everyone is thrown to the ground as the pyramid begins to vanish.

During the explosion, the Intelligence cries out in agony – the animated corpse of Arnold twisting as it becomes charred.

There is silence. The dust settles on the blackened body of the Sergeant – testament to the callous, parasitical nature of the Intelligence. Similarly, the Yeti lie strewn and lifeless, smoke gaping from their chests.

The Doctor is furious at Jamie, who is flabbergasted at the Doctor's ungrateful attitude - until he explains. 'I crossed the wires on that helmet thing. The Intelligence wouldn't have drained me – I would have drained the Intelligence!'

Blithering imbecile!

The congratulations heaped upon the Doctor fall on deaf ears, for the Intelligence has merely been vanquished, not defeated. The Doctor makes a hasty departure as Chorley sniffs a scoop. Unabashed, he begins questioning Anne. 'Oh dear...' she sighs.

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