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24 September 2014

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Leaning over the dead body of Weams, Professor Travers is overcome by a Yeti. Anne is powerless to help as the Yeti drags the unconscious Professor away.

While the time-travellers and Evans attempt to reach Covent Garden before Chorley, Lethbridge-Stewart meets up with Knight and his men. Knight reports failure in reaching Holborn – the fungus barred them. They decide on an alternate route, via Piccadilly.

The Doctor's party are similarly barred by the web-like fungus. They wonder whether Chorley may have beaten them to it and even escaped in the TARDIS. The Doctor's curiosity soon gets the better of him, and he edges up to examine the substance...

Keen to take a sample, the Doctor borrows Evans' tobacco tin, hastily emptying its contents first. 'I only hope the sacrifice is worth it!' the soldier grumbles.

Drawing near the fungus, the Doctor takes his sample for analysis. To everyone's alarm, the mysterious substance seems to become active when touched. With a piece of fungus locked safely inside the tin, they rapidly retreat.

Returning to HQ at Goodge Street the Doctor and his party are surprised to find the door wide open.

They take in the scene of devastation that confronts them.

They soon discover Anne Travers, overcome and suffering from shock.

'My father,' she mumbles hysterically. 'The Yeti have taken him!' The Doctor tells Jamie to take her to the common room.

Confirming to Evans that Anne is telling the truth, the Doctor wonders aloud about the Yeti's instructions. Surely they would have just killed the Professor unless they had a use for him...

Lethbridge-Stewart returns to be told that Weams is dead and the Professor is gone.

'They came for something,' the Doctor tells him, 'and they got it.'

The illuminated Underground map in the operations room indicates that the fungus is once again on the move, closing in on the Goodge Street fortress.

Agreeing that the map is starting to resemble a spider's web, the Doctor notes that they are the flies – 'But where is the spider?' Lethbridge-Stewart asks the Doctor if he believes the traitor in their midst could be the Professor.

A mole at HQ?

The Doctor suggests the also absent Chorley would make a much more likely suspect. The Colonel goes on to enquire about the Intelligence, the power behind the Yeti and the deadly fungus.

'Perhaps the best way to describe it,' the Doctor explains, 'is as a kind of formless, shapeless thing floating about in space like a cloud of mist... only, with a mind and will. The only thing I know for sure is that it brought me here.'

Although Knight is incredulous when the Doctor describes his time/space craft, Lethbridge-Stewart immediately sees it as a means of evacuation.

The Doctor agrees that if the police box could be rescued from Covent Garden it could be used to escape. He insists, however, that he must stay and finish Travers' work.

Knight and Lethbridge-Stewart are left alone to argue over the plausibility of the Doctor's story, after he is called away by Jamie.

Ignoring Knight's protestations that the Doctor's story is 'screwy', Lethbridge-Stewart decides to initiate the retrieval of the police box. Knight remains unconvinced that the Doctor isn't leading them into a trap.

The Doctor tells Anne that their only real hope of saving her father is by finding the Intelligence's central control source. The Doctor accompanies Anne to their laboratory so he can see how successful the Professor's experiments were.

Victoria reflects on the Doctor's observation that the Intelligence seems remarkably well-informed of their plans and progress. Jamie remains optimistic, confident the Doctor will soon find a way out.

'I only wish I could believe that,' Victoria replies.

The Doctor carefully examines the control sphere Professor Travers was working on. Anne then shows him a device her father invented to control the sphere, although the Doctor points out it would be unable to override the Intelligence's commands.

Anne and the Doctor decide to tackle the problem. Evans interrupts them to give the Doctor the model Yeti found by Weams's body. Anne immediately recognises it as the missing model, and the Doctor identifies it as a homing device.

Angry at being handed a potential time-bomb, the Doctor rounds on Evans, who starts panicking. Anne notices the other models have gone and Evans continues to protest his innocence. Anne and the Doctor begin dismantling the model.

Lethbridge-Stewart briefs his men on the operation to retrieve the Doctor's police box. He instructs Arnold, Lane and Evans to take a trolley to Covent Garden station while he takes a squad over land. The plan is to rendezvous there and escape with the police box.

The Doctor has turned his attention to the sample of fungus inside Evans' tobacco tin. Carefully handling the tin with protective gloves inside an observation dome, he is about to begin when Jamie enters.

Jamie tells the Doctor the Colonel is on his way to rescue the TARDIS – an exercise the Doctor immediately dismisses as a waste of time. Proceeding to open the tin he is shocked to find it empty. 'Evans...' he mutters.

Evans complains to the Staff Sergeant that, being a Driver, he really shouldn't be carrying out duties of this kind.

Arnold grows impatient with the nervous Welshman, warning him not to consider desertion when they enter the tunnels. They set off for Covent Garden Station.

The Colonel stridently leads his men through the streets. Assuming they meet no resistance, he estimates their arrival at Covent Garden in about ten minutes.

Knight decides to question Evans on his return. The Doctor then pleads that he and Anne are under-equipped to make the necessary amendments to the sphere control box. The Captain reluctantly agrees to a quick visit to street-level for supplies.

Arnold and his men encounter a web-like wall of fungus between them and their rendezvous point. Arnold and a reluctant Lane don respirator packs to penetrate the fungus on the trolley. Evans stands by with a rope, ready to pull them out if necessary.

They propel themselves into the fungus, which soon starts pulsating, emitting an agitated, eerie noise. As its glow increases Evans hears a piercing scream.

Evans frantically pulls on the rope...

... which eventually produces the trolley, carrying only the body of Lane – dead and smothered in the web-like substance. Staff Sergeant Arnold has gone.

At street level, the Colonel's men find their route obstructed by the huge forms of approaching Yeti.

Aware of the imminent peril, Lethbridge-Stewart orders his men to take evasive action.

They duck into a warehouse yard.

The tarpaulins of Covent Garden Market provide little cover...

... with the Yeti in hot pursuit.

They follow the men through the yard...

... and prove to be impervious to bullets.

In the face of an unstoppable force, confrontation is useless – resistance futile.

The Colonel, leading his men from the front, bravely holds out, maximising what little cover he can find.

His men, meanwhile, are barricaded behind one of the market trader's carts.

The battle is going badly for the soldiers, and casualties are already high before the Yeti unleash...

... their deadliest weapon, the lethal web-gun.

With men dying all around, even bazookas are useless in the face of the alien threat.

Captain Knight and the Doctor have found an electronics shop. The Doctor is busy looking for the supplies he needs while Knight impatiently stands guard. Hearing a noise behind him, the Captain nervously turns around.

He is confronted by two Yeti. Calling out for the Doctor he only has time to fire a couple of shots before being struck down by a savage blow from the powerful giants.

Too late to help, the Doctor emerges to find Knight's body – and in one of the pockets, a model Yeti homing device. He returns to Goodge Street and tells Victoria and Jamie what has happened.

The battle at Covent Garden is lost. Seeing Corporal Blake killed, Lethbridge-Stewart concedes defeat. Jumping over a wall he sprints towards Goodge Street.

As the Doctor completes work on the control unit, Lethbridge-Stewart arrives. A long silence lasts until he solemnly tells them that his entire squad has gone. Jamie tells him of Captain Knight's fate and they frantically begin searching for the remaining Yeti model.

Evans is helping with the search when he suddenly hears a bleeping sound behind him. They turn around to hear a savage roar as two Yeti enter.

They draw back, horrified to see the pallid figure of Professor Travers walking behind. His voice is an eerie, rasping whisper: 'I am the Intelligence...'

NEXT WEEK: More terror in the tunnels...

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