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30 September 2014
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The Doctor and his friends draw back, horrified, as the gaunt figure of Professor Travers enters the fortress. 'Father!' calls Anne. 'No...' the Doctor corrects her.

Holding Anne back, they listen as Travers rasps in an unfamiliar, alien voice: 'I am the Intelligence!'

The Great Intelligence speaks

The Intelligence tells them it has decided to use the Professor's voice because the time has come for them to understand its purpose.

The Intelligence reminds the Doctor of its defeat at his hands in Tibet. A note of triumph enters its voice as it claims it now has the Doctor trapped. 'So that's why you brought me here,' the Doctor concludes. 'Revenge!'

Correcting him, the Intelligence continues to hiss, a strange mist-like substance emanating from the Professor's mouth. It points out that the Doctor's mind is superior to that of all other creatures – and it is his mind that it wants.

It tells the Doctor it has invented a machine which will drain all the past knowledge and experiences from his mind. The process will not kill him, but leave his mind as empty as that of a new-born child.

The Doctor is outraged to learn that if he refuses to submit, then his companions and many others will be used instead. Anne is relieved to hear that her father will be freed if the Doctor complies – the Intelligence already has a human collaborator.

Frustrated at the lack of positive response, the Intelligence grabs Victoria, giving the Doctor 20 minutes to decide before it harms the girl. It departs, leaving a Yeti outside. The group are left seemingly hopeless in the face of this new threat.

Impervious to her cries of pain, the Intelligence leads Victoria along a tunnel and towards a distant rhythmic bleeping. Victoria's pleading with 'the Professor' continue to go unacknowledged.

Lethbridge-Stewart snaps at the increasingly agitated Evans when the Welshman suggests the Doctor should give himself up now to save all their skins. The Doctor reassures Evans that he will surrender himself if he cannot find an answer.

Attempting to placate the outraged Jamie, the Doctor tells him that Victoria will be his responsibility - and that they will both have to look after him if he does indeed emerge from the experience with the mind of a baby.

Jamie, Evans and the Colonel prepare to search the building. The Doctor and Anne are left to continue tinkering with the sphere's control box.

Jamie begins to guess at the Yeti's means of access to the fortress. His strategies are soon dismissed by the Colonel, who has learned from bitter experience that attacking the creatures is useless.

However, motivated more by the desire to actually do something than anything else, Lethbridge-Stewart agrees to accompany Jamie on a reconnaissance mission, leaving Evans to guard Anne and the Doctor.

The Doctor and Anne work frantically to effect their modifications in the short time remaining.

Leaving Anne with clear instructions for the work on the control box, the Doctor turns his attention to the Yeti sphere.

Braving the unknown, Lethbridge-Stewart and Jamie cautiously turn the handle of the only available exit.

They are immediately confronted by a huge, pulsating wall of glowing fungus.

They struggle to close the door as the alien substance begins to burst through. Sending Jamie on ahead, the Colonel bolts the secondary fire door just in time to stem the relentless surge.

The Doctor's confusion over the inactivity of their captive sphere is resolved by giving it a hefty thump. It soon starts emitting the familiar bleeping noise.

The Doctor watches, fascinated, as the sphere rolls across the table – almost as if it were homing in on a signal. He quickly retrieves it before it can get too far.

Jamie and Lethbridge-Stewart return from their close encounter with the fungus to report the bad news – HQ has been infiltrated and the fortress is now completely hemmed in. The Doctor and Anne ask to be left alone with their work.

Arriving at the operations room, Jamie and the Colonel are confronted by a gun-toting Evans. The Welshman is convinced that one of the two men is the traitor the Intelligence referred to.

Jamie insists that the traitor must be the absent Chorley, as he maintained all along.

Lethbridge-Stewart casually dismisses Evans' suspicions and leaves him guarding the corridors outside the Doctor and Anne.

A Yeti armed with a deadly web-gun stands guard over Victoria and the pallid Professor Travers.

Victoria begs 'the Professor' to let her go but she is met only by a stony silence. Suddenly she becomes aware of a whispering voice all around her. It tells her there is no escape, and that it will show itself in good time.

It releases its mental grip on the Professor, who collapses on waking from his trance-like state.

Rallying himself, he leads Victoria in an attempt to escape from the platform. They are intimidated into retreat by the savage roar of a nearby Yeti.

The Doctor's control sphere once again responds to its homing signal and makes its way towards the door.

However, on activating the amended control box, the sphere begins responding to the instructions the Doctor and Anne relay. The box is clearly effective - at short range. They now have only twelve minutes to reprogram the sphere to obey their verbal commands.

'Do we go on or turn back?' asks Lethbridge-Stewart as they edge along the tunnel.

Jamie tells him they should go on, but only after an assurance from the Colonel that he really isn't the traitor in their midst.

They continue their journey in an atmosphere of mutual mistrust. Jamie comes across a small square of lace-edged linen – it is Victoria's handkerchief.

Professor Travers is relieved to hear from Victoria that Anne is well. He finds it difficult, however, to share her confidence that the Doctor will find a last-minute solution.

They are alerted by a sound in the tunnel – it is the wounded Sergeant Arnold, cautiously avoiding the Yeti's gaze. Whispering carefully, Travers asks him to get back to HQ and tell the others where he and Victoria are being held captive.

When Victoria plaintively moans that they could have gone with him, the Professor needs only to point out their ferocious guards...

... before she soon forgets all thoughts of escape.

The control sphere rolls along the ground and between all obstacles to enter the operations room.

The Doctor follows it to discover Evans standing on a chair. 'Don't shoot!' he implores, before the nervous Welshman explains that he felt standing on the furniture would give him better aim at the object.

The Doctor gives a demonstration of the voice control he can now exercise over the sphere. 'Once we get it inside a Yeti,' he explains, 'we'll have a powerful ally!' The prospect of this tricky operation fills Evans with horror.

Lethbridge-Stewart and Jamie encounter Sergeant Arnold, who tells them his experience with the fungus brought on a bout of amnesia. He remembers, however, to tell them about his encounter with the Professor and Victoria.

The Doctor and Anne's quest for an active Yeti to experiment on meets success. They prepare to switch on their control box.

Alone in the operations room, Evans is unprepared for the return of the Colonel, Jamie and Arnold.

He tells them that the Doctor has gone to Warren Street Station to find a Yeti. However, the illuminated map indicates that the station is falling to the fungus. Lethbridge-Stewart and Jamie leave Evans to dress Arnold's wounded head.

'Do you think it's mutating?' The Doctor asks Anne, his scientific curiosity getting the better of him in the face of the horror ahead.

Increasingly worried, Anne turns around to see the Yeti rearing up in their path. They are trapped.

The creature advances, emitting a savage roar. Anne frantically activates the control box but it seems to have no effect as the creature draws closer.

As it is about to strike them both down, the Yeti enters the short-range operational field of the control box and suddenly freezes. They replace its sphere and, to their jubilation, find the creature completely under their control.

When Evans has finished ministering to the Staff Sergeant's wounds he is ordered to take his gear back to the lab.

He calls back from the other room, frozen in terror. The walls of the fortress are beginning to strain under an enormous outside pressure…

The wall disintegrates with an enormous crash, giving way to a flood of the glowing alien fungus. It will now only be a matter of minutes before the fortress is engulfed...

NEXT WEEK: The gripping conclusion..

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