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22 October 2014

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The terrified Polly is placed on the operating table as Damon prepares to anaesthetise her.

Polly shrinks back as Damon carefully fills the syringe.

'One tiny jab and you'll know nothing more about it until it's all over,' says Damon nonchalantly.

Zaroff explains that when Atlantis was submerged some of its inhabitants survived in natural air pockets within the extinct volcano. The Doctor admits that Zaroff's laboratory is suitably impressive, while hiding a pair of wire cutters behind his back.

Damon is about to inject Polly when the overhead lights begin to flicker. He delays the operation while he seeks out Zaroff to complain about the power shortage.

The Doctor hovers by the power controls as Zaroff continues his lecture. 'We have come a long way in our research, and luckily the riches of Atlantis have provided ample means.' The easily distracted scientist then begins talking to his pet fish.

'Not now Damon,' says Zaroff, gesturing to the fish tank. 'Can't you see I'm talking with my friend here?'

'I know what's going on,' says a furious Damon. 'You're using so much voltage on the project that all civil use is curtailed.' Zaroff crosses to an instrument panel to illustrate that there is nothing wrong with the supply to the clinic.

'It's easy to make excuses,' says Damon. Zaroff responds furiously: 'I made you so I can break you!'

While Zaroff and Damon argue, the Doctor retrieves the wire cutters from his pocket and continues tampering with the power supply.

The clinic is in pitch darkness. Damon's assistants leave to find a light source from the Old Quarters, leaving Ara in charge of Polly. When she is sure it is safe, Ara offers Polly her hand and leads her out of the operating theatre.

'I can't think how I came to be so clumsy,' says the Doctor, his sabotage discovered. 'I must have bumped into it.'
Damon is sceptical: 'You're not clumsy Doctor – you did it on purpose. But you won't save the girl.'

As Polly and Ara make their way to safety, Zaroff tells the Doctor that he is to stay as his guest.

'He's just an Atlantean,' says Zaroff, dismissing Damon. 'Clever, but no vision.'

Zaroff tells the Doctor that he has made the Atlanteans a bold promise – to lift their submerged continent out of the ocean.

'How are you going to do it?' asks the Doctor. 'Even a genius like you?'

'If I can't lift it then I must lower the water level,' says Zaroff. The Doctor is confused. 'You haven't got a drain big enough to take an ocean… Where is your ocean going to go?'

As Zaroff scrutinises a model of Atlantis inside the fish tank, he declares his plan: to drill through the earth's crust at its thinnest point and drain the water into the molten core.

Supreme power!

The Doctor is horrified: 'The water will be converted into super-heated steam; the pressure will grow and crack the crust of the earth. Destroy all life – maybe even blow the planet apart!'
'It will be magnificent!' says Zaroff, clearly insane. 'The destruction of the world – the scientist's dream of supreme power!'

In the mines, the overseer berates the slaves for only producing four loads in that day's shift. 'You'll have to increase output or you'll be joining our fish friends.'

Ben and Jamie report for duty and the overseer takes them deeper into the mine.

The trio make their way towards a rock face where the other slaves are drilling. The piercing noise of the machinery grows to an almost deafening level.

The overseer accuses one of the miners, a burly Irishman, of slacking. The Irishman claims that he can't hear properly because of the noise.

The overseer then accuses one of the other slaves of hiding something. Before the man can be searched, he quickly passes a compass to one of his fellow miners. That man in turn throws the compass to Jamie, who catches it and deftly hides it.

When the overseer leaves, Jamie gives the compass to the Irishman. Ben deduces that the miners are going to use it to escape, but they seem reluctant to take the newcomers into their confidence. 'What's the matter? Are we not all in the same boat?' asks Jamie.
'That's right Jock,' says the Irishman facetiously, 'and we don't want no-one to rock it.'

As Zaroff corrects one of his assistant's calculations, Damon returns to the laboratory. 'Did your operation go well?' asks the Doctor.
'The girl escaped,' replies Damon.
'Oh dear,' says the Doctor with thinly veiled relief. 'How very frustrating for you.'

'You want all the human labour you can get..' surmises the Doctor.
'We pick up survivors from shipwrecks and convert them to Fish People,' explains Damon.

'What a fantastic conception,' muses the Doctor, 'to control the world from a test tube.' He picks up two test tubes from a nearby table.

'Two can play at that game,' says the Doctor, quickly emptying the contents of one test tube into the other. The resulting cloud of gas induces a coughing fit in Damon. As he struggles to regain his breath, the Doctor escapes.

Ara leads Polly to the temple and tells her she must hide behind the statue of Amdo until she returns.

Ara makes a hasty exit, and Polly walks towards the statue.

During a short break, Ben and Jamie share a seafood meal with their fellow miners and start to gain their trust. Sean, the Irishman, tells them he has discovered an underground tunnel, but has not had the chance to explore it.

'If we go, there'll be no turning back,' he warns, offering them a chance to join their escape attempt.

One of the guards tells the prisoners to line up so the overseer can select extra labourers for Zaroff's project. The overseer selects a handful of men, but rejects Jamie and Ben for being 'too new'. While the selection process continues, Sean and his friend Jacko slip away and go into the tunnel. They are soon followed by Ben and Jamie.

'Suppose this don't lead any place and we want to come back?' asks Ben. Jacko laughs at the suggestion. 'You won't mate – they kill runaway workers on sight.'

Damon takes two guards and begins searching for the Doctor.

When the corridor is clear, the Doctor emerges from his hiding place inside a cupboard. He spends a moment examining some of the clothes he has become entangled with.

'Seen anything of the strangers, girl?' one of the guards asks Ara.
'No sir, nobody,' she replies and they move on.

When they have gone, the Doctor whispers, 'Psst!' and she turns to face him. She tells him she is taking Polly some food and clothes. The Doctor asks her to take him to the chief of state in the council chamber.

The Doctor hears Ramo approaching and ducks back behind a pillar. Ramo is being briefed by Damon, who explains that the Doctor and Polly are still at large. Ramo tells him that Zaroff should not have interfered with the temple sacrifice.

'You've always hated him,' says Damon. 'Why?'

'He's a destroyer. He appeals to all that is base in our people. He should never have come to Atlantis.'

'Without him Atlantis will never rise again from the sea,' says Damon, as the Doctor listens intently.

The Doctor whispers to Ara, asking her if she can get Damon away so he can talk to the priest alone.

Ara tells Damon she believes she has seen Polly at the market, and Damon eagerly follows her.

'Can I have a word, Ramo?' asks the Doctor. The priest is initially furious. 'We're both on the same side,' says the Doctor, reassuring him. 'You distrust Zaroff out of instinct. I distrust him because I know the truth.'

The escaping prisoners reach a fork in the tunnel – Ben and Sean take one route while Jamie and Jacko take the other. Meanwhile, the Doctor persuades Ramo to trust him, and the two head for the privacy of the temple. Polly hears their footsteps approaching and ducks down.

The Doctor tells Ramo that Zaroff will destroy Atlantis. 'He intends to drill a hole through the earth's crust and drain away the ocean. Have you any idea what will happen if he does that? I'll show you...'

The Doctor pours some water into a small earthenware pot, seals it, and places it over a brazier.

'The centre of the earth is hot – far hotter than this fire,' explains the Doctor. 'The pot begins to boil, but the steam can't get out, and so…' There is a small explosion as the pressure inside the pot causes it to shatter.

The Doctor picks up some of the shards and shows them to Ramo. 'Zaroff intends to raise Atlantis – but in little pieces.' Ramo is stunned into a long silence, and then offers to take the Doctor to their ruler Thous.

He tells the Doctor to stay there while he leaves to arrange an audience. The Doctor drops the pieces of the pot and plays a tune on his recorder.

Jacko says Jamie has carried on alone – he suggests that Ben and Sean go back and look for him. They all agree to meet back at the fork in ten minutes.

Ramo returns and hands the Doctor a priest's robe and headdress. The Doctor seems honoured.

'How do I look?' beams the Doctor, but Ramo doesn't understand. 'Never mind,' says the Doctor. The two leave the temple.

Ben and Jacko move gingerly through the darkness and Ben calls out for Jamie. 'Down here!' comes the reply.

Ben strains to tell where the voice is coming from. He drops down, peering over the edge of a nearby chasm. Jamie is hanging precariously on the edge of a slippery outcrop of rocks.

Ben holds out his hand, but Jamie remains frustratingly out of reach. 'I think I've got a foothold now,' says Jamie, hauling himself a bit higher.

Ben finally gets a grip on Jamie's hand.

Being careful not to slip over the edge of the rocks, Ben grits his teeth and takes Jamie's weight.

With a huge effort, Ben drags Jamie to safety. The three men pause for a moment before retracing their steps to rendezvous with Sean.

A few minutes later, Polly hears a noise in the temple and ducks out of sight.

A hidden door opens in the temple and Ben, Jamie, Sean and Jacko emerge. 'Boo!' says Polly, delighted to see her friends.

Ramo tells the Doctor that Thous believes Zaroff to be the deliverer of Atlantis. A shrill fanfare greets the entrance of the ruler.

Thous greets 'the brothers of the temple', who bow before him. Ramo steps up to greet Thous. 'This is a matter of life and death,' he tells his ruler. 'Under no other circumstances would I have brought a stranger to you in temple garb.'

'A stranger!' exclaims Thous, turning to face the Doctor. 'Who are you?'

'A man of science,' explains the Doctor, who quickly adds that he would prefer it if Zaroff was not invited to join them. The Doctor continues: 'The professor is a worker of miracles, but have you noticed his eyes lately? The professor is as mad as a hatter!'

'We believe Zaroff to be working towards the destruction of Atlantis, not its resurrection,' says Ramo. He points to the Doctor. 'This man has proved it to me.' Thous promises to consider what the Doctor and Ramo have said and leaves the room.

In the temple, Ara tells Polly and her friends that she hates Zaroff, and will do anything she can to help them. They hear someone approaching, and return to Polly's hiding place behind the statue.
Meanwhile, Thous returns to tell the Doctor and Ramo that he has made a decision. 'There is your answer!' he proclaims.

Zaroff sweeps into the room, looking down on the Doctor and Ramo. Thous turns to the scientist and says, 'Do with them what you will!'

NEXT WEEK: Will the Doctor and Ramo escape Zaroff's clutches?

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