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22 October 2014

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Professor Zaroff shoots Thous, the ruler of Atlantis, and orders his men to kill the two guards.

'Nothing in the world can stop me now!' he declares with insane glee.

When Zaroff and his men depart the council chamber, an eerie silence descends.

The Doctor and Ben rush in to discover Thous, who is injured but still alive. They decide to take him to safety before heading to the generating station in an effort to stop Zaroff.

Jacko grows impatient when the Doctor fails to appear at their agreed rendezvous behind the statue. Sean and Ara urge him to be more patient.

'The whole Earth is going to blow up in a couple of hours,' says Jacko, gloomily. 'You're a great comfort to have around,' jokes Sean.

The sound of whistling announces the arrival of the Doctor, who helps Ben to carry the stricken Thous. The Doctor is shocked to discover that Polly and Jamie have headed for Zaroff's laboratory, but before he leaves he outlines his plan.

Jacko and Sean listen intently as the Doctor explains that they are to warn the people as he attempts to flood the city's lower levels by turning up the power on the reactor and breaking the sea walls. This will submerge Zaroff's laboratory.

In Zaroff's laboratory a technician checks an incoming reading from Station Z2.

A priority message arrives from Reactor Station Z3 and Zaroff answers it personally.

The Z3 technician reports that the readings are at maximum and that Gauge 3 is fluctuating. 'Bring in the reserve,' says Zaroff. 'But if that fails...' says the disbelieving technician.

'That is an order!' he barks, before responding to another message that says the workers from Station 11 have deserted their posts amid rumours that Atlantis is facing starvation.

The Doctor and Ben arrive at the generating station and devise a plan to get past the guard. Ben argues that the Doctor's trousers will make it difficult to get past unnoticed.

The wrong trousers

Ben claims that the Doctor is his prisoner, and has to think on his feet when the guard asks for the password. 'How do I know he's a wanted man?' asks the guard. 'Blimey, look at him,' says Ben. 'He ain't normal is he?'

'You don't know the password either!' says the Doctor, taunting the guard on the other side of the door. 'It's 'Oscar',' the man replies.

As the Doctor and Ben move deeper into the generating station they are stopped by another guard, who asks for the password. 'Oscar,' replies Ben confidently.

The heart of the generating station hums with a throbbing electrical noise. Ben creeps up behind a monitoring engineer and knocks him unconscious.

The Doctor indicates a nearby junction box, and Ben takes a pair of wire cutters from the engineer's pockets. Following the Doctor's instructions, he begins cutting through the thick electrical cables.

There is a discordant noise and the power indicator dial starts to fall. 'Do you know what you're doing?' asks Ben. 'Of course I don't!' snaps the Doctor. 'There's no rule against trying is there?'

Polly follows Jamie through a narrow gap in the tunnel before they resume their journey to Zaroff's laboratory.

'Oh Jamie, I think we're lost,' says Polly. 'Are you sure this is the way Ara told us to come?'

'All the tunnels look alike,' protests Jamie. Polly soon becomes aware of a throbbing electrical noise above them. 'We must be somewhere below Zaroff's power source,' she deduces.

In the laboratory, Zaroff becomes exasperated at yet another problem – a radiation leak. In the tunnels below, Polly and Jamie edge along a narrow pathway, the sound of the humming ringing in their ears.

Polly pauses and Jamie says, 'I told you, don't look down!' Polly points to something strange happening in the cavern beneath them.

'The wall down there,' she says. 'It's glowing!' Polly guesses it could be radiation, and decides against trying to explain it to Jamie.

The intense vibration cracks the wall and the sea starts to break through. Polly and Jamie clamber towards higher ground.

Jacko, Sean and Ara listen to the sound of flooding water as Thous mutters, 'To raise Atlantis from the sea was only the dream of a madman after all...'

The water begins to seep through the statue of Amdo in the temple.

A trickle soon becomes a torrent as the roar of the flooding water grows louder. In the tunnel, a bewildered Damon stumbles across Thous and his friends. 'A life's work washed away...' Thous moves to reassure his old friend. 'We can start again, Damon.'

The water continues to pour into the temple.

The statue of Amdo is wrenched from the wall by the force of the flooding water.

Polly and Jamie come up against a dead end. Jamie notices their torch flame flickering, and decides that they should follow the draught. The sound of the flooding water grows ever louder.

Damon tells Thous that the lower levels of the city are already flooded, but that rescue parties are taking the people to safety.

'Our great enemy that we held at bay for so many centuries… The everlasting nightmare is here at last...' admits Thous.

Damon helps tend to injured Atlanteans as he tells Thous that Lolem has gone to the temple to seek help from Amdo. 'He is lost then,' says Thous.

'No one, I repeat no one, will leave this place,' declares Zaroff. 'Everything goes according to schedule, except that the time of the big detonation has been advanced. The full project will be activated from this control point.'

The Doctor breezes in and says, 'Good day to you. I hope I'm not too late. You were on the point of exploding your firecracker, weren't you? I hope you've let these gentlemen into your big secret. They must be devoted to you – to allow you to blow them all to pieces!'

'Don't listen to him,' Zaroff tells his fellow scientists. 'The man lies.' But the distant sound of flooding water speaks for itself and the guards and technicians run from the room. 'Time is running out, Zaroff,' implores the Doctor. 'Hadn't you better call it a day?'

'You cannot beat me Doctor,' says Zaroff, who activates a control. A portcullis drops from the ceiling. 'You see,' he laughs, 'I have anticipated every situation. There was always a possibility that someone would try to keep me from my ultimate moment of triumph.'

'No one can get through this, and all the controls are on this side. All I must do is press the plunger when the needle on that dial is over the 1000 mark. Simple, no? I tell you so that you may share the last great experiment of Zaroff!'

As the water rushes nearer, Jamie and Polly struggle to lift themselves onto a high ledge.

Jamie tells Polly that they'll have to take a chance on this leading to safety. 'Do I have a choice?' asks Polly, as Jamie lifts her up.

They stare down at the water. 'We're not out of the woods yet,' says Jamie.

Ben rushes away as the water approaches but the Doctor calmly crosses to the power control, dimming the lights. In the darkness Zaroff raises the portcullis and moves to pick up a gun. As the emergency system restores the lights, Lolem steps out of hiding, distracting Zaroff long enough for the Doctor to lower the portcullis.

'No!' gasps Zaroff, now separated from the machinery that will trigger the explosion. A furious Zaroff shoots the advancing Lolem before making a vain attempt to reach the plunger. The Doctor makes a hasty retreat.

The water level rises, with catastrophic consequences in the lower levels.

'Doctor, hurry!' says Ben as they run from the laboratory. The Doctor suddenly stops. 'I can't leave Zaroff to drown down there. I'm going back.' Ben is furious. 'You're coming with me!' he says, dragging the Doctor away before their escape route is cut off.

As Polly and Jamie struggle to reach higher ground, the Doctor agonises over the fate of the Professor. Ben points out that the laboratory is now isolated and the Doctor concludes, 'All we can do is to keep on going up.'

The water rushes into the laboratory as Zaroff's body freezes in a final, futile, attempt to reach the plunger.

Jamie and an exhausted, hysterical Polly finally emerge from a fissure in the cave wall. 'Fresh air!' he exclaims.

They stagger down to the shoreline, and Polly asks about the Doctor. 'I'm thinking he wouldn't have stood much of a chance back there,' says Jamie solemnly.

As they walk away from the caves Polly begins to cry and Jamie hastily adds that they may have survived.

In the laboratory, pieces of equipment break off and float away as the sea gets higher. Without a sound, Zaroff loosens his tight grip on the bars of the portcullis and sinks beneath the water.

'Any sign of the Doctor?' asks Damon. 'He must have died saving us,' says Ara. Thous suggests that they should raise a stone to him in the temple.

'No' says Damon forcefully. 'No more temples. It was temples and priests and superstition that made us follow Zaroff in the first place. When the water finds its own level the temple will be buried forever. We shall never return to it, but we will have enough left to build a new Atlantis, without gods and without Fish People.'

'Yes,' nods Thous. 'That should be his memorial.'

A dejected Jamie and Polly are on the beach when they hear the sound of people behind them.

'Boo!' says the Doctor, as he Ben rush forward to greet their friends. 'We thought you were dead!' says Jamie.

Polly gasps with delight and throws her arms around Ben. 'Come on you two,' says the Doctor as he leads them back towards the TARDIS. A few moments later, Sean and Jacko emerge onto the beach.

'I can't believe it,' says Sean, unable to believe his eyes. 'A flaming English police box!'

Sean and Jacko are left speechless as the light on top of the police box begins to flash and it disappears into thin air.

'Jamie, you don't half stink of fish!' says Ben. 'Aw, you want to take a wee nip of yourself, Benjamin,' replies the indignant Scot. 'It's not exactly a bonnie bunch of heather.'

'Is it a fact though Doctor, you can't exactly control the TARDIS?' asks Jamie. 'Can you not exactly make it go where you mean it to?'

The Doctor is indignant. 'If I wanted to. It's just I've never wanted to!' The others laugh at him. 'Right!' says the Doctor. 'Just for that I'll show you. Now, where shall we go... I know – let's go to Mars.'

There is a loud grating noise and the room pitches, throwing everyone off their feet. 'I'm very sorry everybody,' shouts the Doctor above the chaos, 'but I'm afraid the TARDIS is out of control!'

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