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22 October 2014

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The Captain of The Black Albatross brandishes the ornate spiked club that takes the place of his left hand, and slams it into the wooden table.

'Well by thunder you'll talk to me,' the Captain bellows, 'or my name's not Samuel Pike.'

Cherub explains that he saw Holy Joe whispering in the Doctor's ear, but the Doctor denies knowing anyone by that name.

The Captain explains that Holy Joe Longfoot was an old shipmate. 'The churchwarden to you, sawbones,' adds Cherub.

Pike explains that he, Cherub and Longfoot were all mates together, serving under Avery. 'Cap'n Avery,' says Cherub, 'the sharpest skipper that ever sailed out of Bristol port.'

'Of course!' remembers the Doctor. 'Avery the pirate - I should have known!'

Cherub threatens the Doctor as Pike explains: 'He took plunder that was rightfully ours, and we mean to get it back.' Cherub insists that Longfoot told the Doctor something.

'Just give me one minute,' the sadistic Cherub asks Pike. 'I'll have the words spilling out of him like blubber from a whale.' The Captain turns to his captive. 'Well Doctor? Will ye loosen your tongue or lose it altogether?'

A taste of Thomas Tickler

In the village jail, Ben complains that he can't report back to a seventeenth-century navy. Polly seems to find the whole adventure exciting, but Ben doesn't share her enthusiasm.

'The point is, how on earth are we going to get out of here?' says Polly. 'There must be some way.'

'Ben!' shrieks Polly, jumping to her feet. 'Look in the corner - it's a rat!' Ben treats her alarm with derision. The noise alerts their jailer, Tom, who Polly recognises from the inn.

'I'm not to speak with you murderers,' says Tom. Ben and Polly protest that they are innocent, but that the strangers who kidnapped the Doctor may have been responsible. As Tom moves away, Polly recalls that seventeenth- century people were extremely superstitious. A plan begins to form in her mind.

Jacob Kewper emerges from the inn and locks the door behind him.

He heads for the harbour, where he boards a small boat and starts rowing towards The Black Albatross.

'I demand consideration sir,' says the Doctor, trying to reason with Pike. 'I find your friend rather a bore but you, I think, are a gentleman, so let us talk like gentlemen.'

'Your dress, your manner, your taste,' says the Doctor, continuing to flatter the Captain. 'You're the type of man that has raised himself to an exalted position unaided. You are neither a barbarian nor a savage - I can see that.' Pike seems taken in, but Cherub laughs out loud.

Pike admonishes Cherub, before telling the Doctor: 'Let us talk together, like gentlemen.' The Doctor asks for a reward in return for sharing his information. 'You'll get your reward,' smiles Pike, 'never fear.'

The Doctor is enjoying a glass of fine old Madeira when the Captain suddenly snaps at him, demanding, 'tell us what we want to know!'

They are interrupted when another pirate, Jamaica, bursts into the cabin. 'Cap'n,' he announces, 'boat to leeward.'

Cherub is suspicious when Jamaica says that the crew of the new boat have hailed them as friends. Pike asks Cherub to invite the visitors aboard.

'If it's a revenue man you can have him,' Pike tells Cherub, who responds with a knowing chuckle.

'And just in case they're friends of yours, Doctor...' says Pike, thinking out aloud. He tells Jamaica to take the Doctor to the galley for food and wine.

Ben and Polly prepare to spring a trap for the simple-minded Tom, who enters the cell in response to Ben's urgent pleas. Polly holds a straw effigy and sways to and fro, making a strange wailing noise.

Ben tells Tom that Polly, or rather 'Paul', has become possessed by the spirit of their kidnapped master, who is in fact a warlock. Ben says that both he and Paul are apprentices to the old wizard, and that they share his powers.

Ben tells the horrified Tom that the wizard has captured Tom's soul and trapped it in the straw doll, and that Paul represents a gibbet holding Tom's life in the balance.

'Save me! Save me!' begs the whimpering boy. 'I'll do anything!' Ben says that if he and Paul were freed then the spell would be broken. Tom protests that he gave his word to the Squire, but further wailing from Polly has him reaching for his keys.

'Am I safe now?' asks Tom as he unlocks the door. 'Paul' hands him the straw doll and leaves. Before Ben follows her he tells Tom: 'See you sometime old son, and remember - you're one of us now!' Ben and Polly decide to head for the church and look for clues.

Kewper climbs aboard the Black Albatross and is met by a hostile Cherub. The innkeeper slips a gold coin to the pirate and explains that there is some business he can put their way. 'Come below matey,' says the pirate.

Pike is similarly cautious when he meets Kewper, but he becomes intrigued when the innkeeper explains that his business proposition involves 'brandy, silks... merchandise...'

Cherub says the proposition sounds dishonest. 'The only man who would call such business dishonest would be a revenue man,' says Kewper.

'I'll have the ears of any man who thinks he'll land me before a judge,' says Pike, insisting that he keeps a law-abiding ship.

Kewper reveals that he belongs to a smuggling ring which includes the Squire and the churchwarden. Kewper thinks he has won the Captain over when he is suddenly gripped by Cherub. 'What trick's this?' asks the frightened innkeeper.

Pike takes Kewper's knife and hints that he may want to do business with the Squire directly. Kewper soon realises that Cherub was responsible for Joe Longfoot's death. He asks the Captain why the churchwarden had to die.

'Because he crossed me, that's why,' says the Captain, brandishing the gleaming blade on the end of his arm. 'Nobody who crosses Pike lives to tell the tale!'

'Captain Pike!' gasps Kewper, only just realising who he's dealing with. The Captain simply chuckles in response.

Pike prepares to go ashore with Cherub, and leaves Jamaica to watch over the Doctor and Kewper. He hands Jamaica a cat o' nine tails, and tells him to use it on the two prisoners if there's any 'funny business'.

Ben and Polly search the vestry but find it empty. 'Perhaps the murderer was hiding down here all the time?' wonders Polly as they gingerly continue their investigation in the crypt.

'I wish we knew where the Doctor was,' says Polly. 'Yeah, and the TARDIS too,' adds Ben. 'In fact, if I know him I bet he's back in it all comfy.'

Ben and Polly decide to return to the TARDIS, and are about to head back to the beach when a low rumbling sound stops them in their tracks. The hide behind a pillar as a tomb moves aside to reveal a man wearing a dark cloak.

As the man walks past the pillar, Ben steps out and knocks him unconscious. While Ben ties up the stranger Polly goes to find the Squire, convinced that they now have enough evidence to clear their names.

'Do I look presentable?' asks Pike, preparing to disembark. 'As a picture,' replies Cherub, 'but for that,' indicating the Captain's sharp hook. 'My little pike would hardly be welcome at the manor, eh?' laughs the Captain, removing the blade.

Ben's captive regains consciousness and demands, 'Untie me at once you rogue!' The man explains that he is a King's revenue officer called Josiah Blake, investigating smuggling activity. He says he has just discovered a secret passageway leading into the crypt.

Blake says that the churchwarden was suspected as being part of the smuggling network, and that the secret tunnel leads to some caves and then down to the beach. 'You've just brought me good news mate!' says a delighted Ben.

'Come back here!' shouts Blake as Ben heads straight for the tunnel. 'Stop, in the King's name!' But it is too late - Ben has already embarked on what he hopes will be a shortcut back to the TARDIS.

Inside the Squire's impressive house, Pike explains the plan to Cherub - they will find out all they can about the smuggling operation and grab that loot as well as Avery's treasure.

They are shown into the study by the Squire's manservant, Birch. The Squire offers them wine, but Pike declines, claiming they have been sent by Jacob Kewper to discuss business.

'Kewper...' says the Squire. 'Then you must be...' Pike interrupts him: 'Merchants sir, honest merchants.' The three men roar with laughter before Pike reassures the Squire that Kewper is aboard their ship, accompanying the silks, brandy and tobacco.

The three toast their smuggling operation and Pike claims that Kewper said the Squire would reveal where they should land, where to leave the goods and the details of payment. The Squire tells them to deliver the goods to the church on the cliff-top.

Cherub is commiserating over the murder of the churchwarden when Polly is brought in by Birch. She is about to tell the Squire about her discovery in the church when she identifies Cherub as belonging to the gang that kidnapped the Doctor.

Aboard the Black Albatross, Kewper tells the Doctor that the churchwarden was murdered by Cherub, but that the Doctor's two companions have been arrested for the crime. He tells the Doctor that Pike is the bloodiest pirate alive, and asks why he has been taken captive.

'He thought I held the secret of the treasure belonging to the deceased pirate Avery,' explains the Doctor. Kewper fears that Pike will raze the village to the ground in his search for the gold. The Doctor agrees that the villagers must be warned, and hatches a plan to escape.

'I don't believe one word of this trumped up story,' says the Squire. Polly insists that Pike was responsible for the kidnap of the Doctor, and voices her suspicion that he is also implicated in the murder of the churchwarden.

'A man is dead, boy!' exclaims the Squire. 'We left him alive,' insists Polly. The three men interpret the news that Polly and her friends spoke with the churchwarden as further evidence of their guilt.

'Out of the mouths of babes, eh?' says Pike. 'Young people are not what they were once, not in our time, eh Mr Cherub?'

Pike suggests that the man held captive in the crypt might be one of their 'mutual friends' - a revenue officer. Cherub recommends they hurry with their plan to recapture Ben and set their 'colleague' free.

Polly calls the Squire a fool for having been taken in by Pike and Cherub, but the Captain protests that he and Cherub are not so black-hearted.

As Polly is bound and gagged for the journey back to the church, Ben returns from his exploration of the secret tunnel.

Blake demands to be untied, and is alarmed by Ben's claim that the passage leads down to the very spot he'd been looking for. 'Boy, are you one of these smuggling rogues after all?'

'Of course not,' says Ben. 'It leads right down to where the TARDIS is.' Blake's confusion grows when Ben explains that the TARDIS is a kind of ship that he and his friends can use to escape.

They hear a noise on the steps and are confronted by the Squire. 'Stand fast I say there!' Ben is alarmed to see that he is accompanied by Cherub and a captive Polly.

'Recaptured again, eh boy?' says the Squire, levelling his pistol. 'We'll have no more tricks this time...'

NEXT WEEK: Will the Squire shoot?

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